Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Still surviving

I'm still all nervous about all of it, I think I will be until it's over, but it's better now. I don't want to spend all of my time talking about it. So!

This weekend we went to the last race of the season in Chicago. To start off with, the weather was PERFECT! It wasn't hot or cold, and we were in the shade in our seats. Vitor was going to come to the pre-race party, but had to have a meeting. He said he'd be at the banquet tomorrow night though. I really hope he has a better year next year. His was the second (after marco) wreck of the day. Something broke on his car, and he hit the wall so hard that he broke the safer barrier. I say that makes him cool. I know I'm out of order, but with your favorite having such a hard season you have to put it out there. So, the race was really exciting. I don't know why it's so much more exciting to me to see the teams running together, but it is. It was cool. We were right there when Dixon ran out of gas sooooooo close to the finish line. This time Dario does "see the checker" and it was cool, but will be much less cool if he goes to napcar (cuz it makes me sleepy) next year.

So, great race. Going to the banquet tomorrow. Last night we chopped up a tree covered in poison ivy. At least that's what we thought it was. We still aren't quite done, but it was really hard work. It's awesome to have such a great fiance. He's handy and hardworking. Now we have a big pile of kindling.