Thursday, September 25, 2008

Random Thursday

Does anyone else remember college schedule planning when the letter "R" meant Thursday, because Tuesday had already selfishly taken up the T? I do, and what better "R" activity than an random picture. We take a lot of them, and I know they don't all end up here. So, without further ado, Random Thursday!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chapter 2 (A short one)

Chapter 2

Jonathan said “I thought that back here we could observe together.” She thought she heard him say that they would observe the “females” together, but that must have been whatever was in the cup talking. She sat next to him, elated, just to be with him, and wondered if he would kiss her first, or if she’d had enough liquid courage to make the first move herself. She had a hard time staying upright, the boat had hit some rough seas. She let herself lean just a little bit on Jonathan, and he didn’t push her away. As they sat, a pack of wild dogs, also know as Brianne and her two best friends strolled by. This time, Jonathan made no effort to hide it when he looked them up and down.

Bel was a little offended. Get me drunk and bring me back her just to ogle other girls? No, I must have been wrong, she thought. He was just watching the sunset, or intrigued by something he heard them say. She was still trying to work it out when Adelaide (that was her name!) walked past on the arm of one of the football players. Jonathan turned to Bel and said “I’d give my left arm for a piece of that action, how about you?”

Bel barely recognized the voice coming out of her own mouth as it said “What?”

“I mean, she’s got a great butt, and you can’t argue with what’s going on up front either. Man what I’d give to lay my hand on one of those. Maybe she’s going through an experimental phase, who knows, you might have a better chance than I do.”

Bel didn’t know what else to say. Apparently thinking completely independently at this point, her mouth said, “I thought we came back here to hook up”

Now it was Jonathan’s turn to look shocked. “What?”

“I’ve had a crush on your for weeks”

“I thought you were gay! Oh Bel, I’m sorry! If I’d paid any attention…”

But Bel didn’t hear the end of the sentence, she was on her feet already, headed anywhere but there.

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Monday, September 22, 2008


Jason and I went fishing at Eagle Creek this weekend. The day started off with a bang, as I was able to try the tube. Yes, the tube. Here is a picture of that of which we speak.

Yes, this is the tube. You get in it and fish. I got all suited up, in the hip waders that are like a wetsuit and too long for my legs, the life jacket, and the flippers, and headed out.

It was pretty fun! Though, I really really didn’t need the life jacket, because I could have stood up in the middle of the lake. It was very strange to have the waders on, and feel like I should have been getting wet, but I wasn’t. I kicked around for a while and then let Jason go.

He didn’t catch anything there, but said he knew a good spot. We walked a ways until we got to this kind floating dock thing. Except it wasn’t really floating much. It was beached. Jason hopped on, and I tried, but I’m a clumsy girl, and I didn’t make it. It’s beached right? So how are they keeping it there? The answer is a big coated steel cable. The problem with this answer is that I found a loop of this cable unexpectedly with my leg. So it kept one leg on shore while the other tried to get to the dock. OWCH. I skinned my knee, bruised my thigh (I don’t know how I did that) and the cable left a really exciting line halfway around my right calf. OWCH. Did I say that before? OWCH. I hadn’t skinned my knee since I was 12. I made a recovery though, and since we were at the fishing spot, we went ahead. Had I mentioned that I haven’t gotten a fish out of the water since about the last time I skinned my knee? An aside

(Once, when my grandfather and I were fishing from shore at their house, a little boy of about 5 or six was also fishing down a ways from us. We saw him drop his pole and come running toward us screaming. Both of us thought that he had hooked himself and was hurt. He ran toward us, crying, and when he got there we were checking him out. We asked him where it hurt but could see no mark on him. He looked up and with giant tears streaming down his face, said “I saw a bug!”.)

Back now. So, we got to it. We were using bee moths, which are really just mealworms. I use the word “we” loosely. Jason did all of the actual worm touching. I chummed the water by shaking a few out. I dunno, it seemed like a good idea, and maybe it worked. I caught my first fish! At least the first one as an adult! It was a green Sunfish. We started pulling them in one right after another. I caught 4 sunfish, like 5 or 6 bluegill, and two catfish.

None of them were very big, about the size of my hand, but it was fun! The bluegill were so pretty, and even the catfish were neat to look at. The last fish we caught of the day swallowed the hook. It was a little bluegill. He got it waaaay far down his throat and Jason was having a hard time getting it out. I put him back in the water for a little break, and we got him out again. When Jason finally got it, we put him in the water and he floated. Jason immediately grabbed him again, and ran him back and forth in the water. It was a close call and it took a few tries, but the fish zipped out of his hand and swam away! I kept looking, afraid we’d see him pop back to the surface, but he never did! Jason saved his life! Yay Jason! I married this guy for a reason, okay more reasons than his fish saving abilities. So, we had a pretty good day, even if I did limp away.