Friday, September 12, 2008

Week of Pizza

Believe it or not, we had a LOT of pizza last week, and never saw a delivery man. After our buffalo chicken, we tried a different approach, something Jason had seen online. I present to you Portobello Pizzas.

We started out with four portobello mushrooms. Jason washed them out, oiled the gill side (eeeeeew gills), and put them on the grill for a while. After they were cooked, we topped them. We had two white pizza mushrooms and two regular. On the white we put alfredo sauce, fresh tomatoes and olives. On the regular, pizza sauce, pepperoni, and olives. Mozzarella on both. Yum. We put them back on the gril for just a minute, and the cheese melted into delicious.

They were great. I'm seeing all kinds of recipes that marinate the mushrooms in italian dressing, but we didn't do that and it was delicious. I was assuming that the alfredo ones would be best, but really, the pizza sauce ones were better. Overall, a really easy thing to make. Can you tell, we had corn on the cob with them?

Faerie Tale Theatre giveaway!

I found this giveaway this morning, and boy am I excited. I loved Faerie tale theater! I remember watching it all the time, we videotaped it and it was regular sleepover fare. It's a great show, and there are actual famous people in each episode. Go here if you want to win it too!