Thursday, August 30, 2007

I know, I know

They've all been like this, but I'm so stressed out about this bankruptcy thing. I just hope it all goes well. I'm more scared about this first meeting that I think than I am about the one with the creditors. I don't really think anyone will show up for that... I don't know though. I'm just so scared, and so stressed about it. Jason is a big help, and so are my friends, but it's such a scary thing. Mom volunteered to go with me, but I'm torn. I want her to go because I want moral support, but I want to go alone because I'm a grown up, and this is my problem that I should handle myself. One week and one day until I go.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Still here, I'm still a little sick. I think it's getting better though. I spent all day yesterday at a training session. Not the most riveting stuff, but not a waste of time either. No update on the bad stuff, still waiting for my appointment.

I'm still trying to read the newest Laurell K Hamilton. I usually love her, but Harlequin has just failed to grab my attention. I think it's on the cusp though, I didn't want to stop reading this morning.

We went to see Stardust this past weekend. I loved it. I'd like to see it again. Jason thinks Claire Danes has huge mutant eyes. I just liked it and thought it was under-loved by the critics/public.

I guess that's it, until I get inspiration.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The continuing stoooooory...

Of a quack, who's gone to the dogs. Anyone out there remember that? I decided to post again today, because I'd like to get this story as finished as I can.

So, there I am in Ohio for the wedding, and the mortgage co calls me. They say they didn't get the listing agreement I faxed. No problem they say, just re-send it. I tell them I will and I get in the shower. When I come out, my phone is screaming that there is a message. It's the MC (mortgage co) again. I call them back, expecting an "ooops" called you again. No such luck. The ER's liens wouldn't settle. The short sale was off. I cried. I was going to have to declare bankruptcy.

After the weekend, with a little time to think, I called the MC and asked if they would wait to start the foreclosure stuff so I could see if I could somehow fix it. I called lawyers. One recommended me do a "waiver of time limit" but the lawyers for the MC had never heard of it and said I should talk to the MC itself about it, who said to talk to the lawyers. So, no luck there (it still haunts me that that could have worked, but I guess I'll never know). No way out of the liens, it was a HUD rule, if the short sale was going to work, the liens could not be there. It came down to, I could pay off the larger lien and the mort co would do the smaller. So, I called the lien holder. No call back. The MC called me the next day and said that if I could get the lien paid by that Friday, that they would pay the total $2000, leaving me to pay less. I called the lien holder back again, and she refused to talk to me. Told me that since it was the ER's lien, I could not pay it. I called the MC, they called the lien holder. Same story. I couldn't pay it. I called my lawyer, they told him the same thing. All hope for the short sale or deed in lieu was gone.

That was in June. Since then, nothing has happened. I was waiting to declare bankruptcy, (or see if I could avoid it) until I talked to the bankruptcy attorney last week. She said not to wait, that if I waited it would be worse (since I would be married) and that it was best to just go ahead. I have an appointment with her next Friday. I don't think it's going to be easy. I'm constantly worried about what could go wrong.

So, that's it. I called the ER on the day I found out that the liens wouldn't settle, but that was it. She didn't answer the phone. I am so scared that something is going to go wrong with the bankruptcy. I don't know what I'll do then. I'm trying to be optimistic, but it's so scary. This is something that I really wanted to avoid, and now here I am. It seems that every smart financial decision that I've made is now a bad one. I can only hope, that in 2 weeks, it turns out well. please.

Part Three

Soooo, when I left off before, I had gotten a new job, the short sale papers were in, and I thought things were going pretty well. Then, there was the notice on my door. I went to pick up the certified mail. I had been served.

It was a copy of the foreclosure. Listed on one of the first pages were others that had a claim on the property. It seemed there were liens. I called the mortgage co. Sure enough, there were 2 liens on the property. In her name. Placed in 2005. To the tune of about $7000 dollars. This was putting the short sale in jeopardy. They would pay up to $2000, but the ER (ex-roommate) would have to get them to settle for that. The representative from the mortgage co emailed her. The ER said she would get it taken care of.

Many emails between ER and mortgage co later, it appeared to be settled. It's now March. I was offered my old job back, and went. Things were going as planned. I signed a listing agreement with a realtor. The application for the short sale program was pending, but according to the mortgage co, it looked good.

April. Happy Birthday to me! I'm almost done with school! Short sale stuff is still pending, mortgage co and ER still emailing about the liens, still looks good.

May. I graduate! I found a new job, a real children's librarian! It's a great job. I'll start in June! On my last day at the old job, I get a phone call from the mortgage co. The short sale is approved! That weekend, we were off to Ohio for Jason's sister's wedding. Nice hotel, nice company, etc. While we were at the rehearsal dinner, the restaurant caught fire! we all had to go outside for a while, but we took pictures with the fire truck. It was fun. Then the morning of the wedding, as Jason and I were getting ready to go to a movie, my cell phone rings. It's the mortgage company.