Saturday, February 16, 2008

I'm so glad..

That I have an intelligent husband. I really couldn't stand it if I didn't. He even makes my English degree happy. Last night we were lying in bed, getting ready to go to sleep. We usually talk in bed and always snuggle nee, nuggle. So last night as they are many nights his feet were sticking out of the blankets. One of us made a joke about them being Longfellows, you know, "you're a poet but you didn't know it. But you're feet show it, they're Longfellow (s)". It was a chilly evening so, he responded with "If I leave them out there for long, they'll be Frost". I almost died laughing. As I was trying to come up with one, he let this one fly "For Wad-s-worth, they're back in now". OMG!!! Poet puns. The only one that I can remember coming up with was "We'd better not go too far down this Plath". I love my new husband. He's so awesome.

The BIG day

I woke up before my alarm. It was my wedding day. I got dressed (I had showered the night before) and went downstairs. Everyone was due to arrive at 9. I had told them all early to try to make up for any lateness. No one that was coming was notorious for being late, but I was. So, I decided to give everyone some extra time. Wouldn't you know it, it wasn't even 9 yet and all of my girls were there! I called the salon to see if they could bump us up, but they said they were booked. So, we all sat around and talked until it was time to leave. We made it to the nail place, and all got manicures and pedicures. I was waiting for my pedicure when I remembered something I had to tell Jason. I called him, and the first words out f his mouth were: "Am I allowed to talk to you?" We decided yes on that and I told him whatever it was that I needed to (for the life of me I can't remember what that was now) and life went on. I got a full set of gel nails, but I'm not really happy with them. I've had them done much better by someone who didn't speak English very well. He was nice. So, we were planning to go out to lunch after nails, but it took so long that we had to rush back to the east side to get hair done for various girls.

I will take this opportunity to state that I had planned a schedule for that day. It was this: Nails in the morning (greenwood), lunch, back to Mom and Dad's (irvington), Mom gets hair done, we pack everything up, go to get my hair and makeup done (greenwood), and go straight to the church (speedway). This plan was changed by my wonderful mother who first didn't want to take 2 cars, and when I solved that issue, didn't want to get dressed at the church, wanted to get dressed at home. Believe me, this will be important later.

So we go over to have Mom's hair done at the place she usually goes. She leaves with huge, curly poofy, old lady hair. She, rightly, hates it. So we frantically pick and comb etc all the way to my hair place where we had to go immediately. We stopped and got some fast food on the way. Not what either of us wanted. My makeup took forever because I kept blinking. Well,. I say, stop poking me in the eye! To which the makeup lady replies, I'm putting eyeliner on you. Okay, that coversation didn't really happen, but I really couldn't stop blinking and some hair became welded to my eyelid during the process. Not a long hair that anyone could see, but a tiny little one that was touching my eye. That really helped. Anyway, the makeup looks good and I have my hair done, veil and everything, and it is 5. I'm supposed to be on the west side at 5:30. I could make it there if we went now, but we still have to go back to the east side to pick up the boys and my dress and EVERYTHING. We get to the house at 5:30. We have to pack the car. Mom is NOT getting dressed at home. I am angry at this point. I get everyone into the van and drive like a madwoman. On the way there, Dad pulls my veil out of my hair. Thanks.

Will Annemarie make it to the church on time?

Will she get married?

Tune in next time on ROOT BEER LOVE!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Wedding of the century

Jason and I had been planning and preparing for months. We had almost everything done. We were both nervous and excited. Let's begin on the day before our wedding.

Both of us had taken the day off of work. It's 7:30. Jason's phone rings. It's Molly, the wonderful wonderful girl who is our friend and happens to work at the Kinko's where we were having the menus and programs printed. My mother and I have a "publishing company" I think we both really used print shop too much back when, but we made up a name: Mari/marie publishers. Her first name is Marilynne, mine is, well, I hope you know. If not leave me a comment and I'll know there's someone new out there. So Molly calls. Did we want the programs to say Man/marie publishers? What!?!? NO!!! Can you fix it? Yes, she can. Also, the corners we wanted weren't on the menus. Jason and I did a real bang up job of proofreading. So Magic Molly saved the day. She said she could re-print them. Did I mention how awesome she is?

I had an appointment for torture by wax. My MOH Char and I set off to have our faces ripped off (the girl who did her brows was training another girl and actually told the trainee not to re-apply the wax to the same area or it would pull the skin off!!!) and were successful.

Newly hairless we went to my parents' house where I had to tell my father to put pants on as there was a guest in the house. We picked up some stuff and headed back down to Kinko's. Molly was a saint. She showed me the mistakes on the programs and menus and had the corrected ones ready for me to pick up. The paper was too thick for their machine to fold it, and we beat Molly to the job, so she set us up with a cool little table and some sqweegee things to fold them with. While we were there, Jason popped in! He helped fold, and then was off to get his tux. I had quite a job to do. I hadn't done laundry in waaaay too long, and Char helped me do it all at the laundromat. Isn't that romantic day before the wedding stuff?

We had a nutritious lunch at a Mexican place and headed over to Piper's to drop some stuff off. We were successful. At this point we was me, Jason, Char, and one of Jason's best men, Larson. So, between the four of us we got the menus, the groundhog the favors, the guest book stuff, and the bouncy balls to the reception site. The day had gone more quickly than we expected, so when we got home Char and Larson had to take off to change, and we had to hustle to get ready and change. We changed and headed out. There were other people lost, and we were the last ones to arrive at the church but we got our rehearsal in. It went superfast and I knew I didn't get most of it. The preacher seemed a little cooler than normal, so I had hope.

We got to Dawsons a little later and it was great! The room was the perfect size, and the wait staff was bustling. We gave out our presents to the attendants and I hope everyone liked them. Then, Jason and I exchanged gifts. I got him some Ferrari legos, and he got me..... DIAMOND EARRINGS! They are beautiful. I couldn't have asked for better. They're huge and I love them. I couldn't believe it. I hope Jason loved his legos even a fraction of how much I love these earrings.

The food was great. The brushcetta (I probably misspelled that) was way better than I expected, the crab cakes were awesome, and the smothered chicken, to die for. I want to know how they make that dijon sauce, and then it will be mine, oh yes... We all had a good time talking too late and I was TIRED. So, we split up and headed to our homes, except for me. I was torn from the arms of my true love and thrust into a cruel situation. Okay, it was my parents' house. I was there to sleep on a sofabed and wait for my wedding day. I cheated. I called Jason to say goodnight. I really missed him. I won't reveal the contents of our conversation, but I cried happy tears. After hanging up, I drifted off to sleep by the sound of my deaf father's television in the next room.

okay, not really, but it sounds exciting.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Let's get this out of the way.

The big "B" is OVER. Over like the Sopranos. Over like the rainbow. Sure, I've got some credit rebuilding to do, and some time to distance myself, but it's OVER. I had my last court appearance last week. It was EASY. I was so super scared. I've been reading an online newsletter called "Life After B**" and I love it. It's really inspirational. It's filed with good advice, and no high pressure to buy things or pay for some service. The author, Steven Snyder has written several books on the topic, but says that if you can't afford to buy them, to go out and get them from the library. So, that's something I can get behind. It's over, out of the way and done. YAY!!!

We're Married!

I promise an update and a new project very soon. I've to to write it all!