Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dance your fines away.

New overdue fine payment system!

It's a brilliant new kind of amnesty day. Making fun of patrons and getting to play video games at work. I love it.

Stumbled to...

A new obsession. Gypsy Vanner horses are amazing. I want one now. I especially want the one named Rivendell Evenstar. She is a thing of beauty. Go here and see them. The photos were done by Mark Barrett, and the story behind these horses is AMAZING. They are hoses bred to be the perfect caravan horse for gypsies. I've always loved the feathered feet and curly mane of the fresians and this horse combines that with a really interesting coloring. I stumbled upon these so that's my first stumble post! Check this guy out.

Friday, February 22, 2008

New Feature

I stumble, a lot, Thanks Char... I'm going to share some of the awesomeness that I find. Be on the lookout!

2 big projects for spring/summer

I am planting a vegetable garden this spring. I hope to grow enough veggies for us to not have to buy any this summer. Unfortunately, right now, out backyard looks like this:

we had a tree come down, can you tell? So, I want to plant vegetables where that tree is. Any suggestions on what to plant? Anyone had experience in planting?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

More Pictures

I think most of these were taken by my new Father in Law. See why we picked this church??

That's it on wedding pictures for now. I'll try to post more fun stuff.

I'm shameless

Check out the new page feature. I'm shamelessly asking for your donations to help me (us now) pay off my scary student loans. So, if you're paying yours off too and you feel my pain, donate a little (I know you can't afford it). If you're out from under and feeling generous, donate a lot. I'd really love that. If a bunch of people only donate a little, it would REALLY help. Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.


I really hate Sallie Mae. They are going to try to screw me for the rest of my life. I am about to cry right now. It seems like I'll never get ahead with them. ALL of the money I have paid them has gone on interest. NONE has gone to the principal. How does that work? It's like they want to ruin my life. I have no idea how to fix this. I think I really may have to get a second job.


I don't want this to get all down in the dumps. I'm really upset about all of this, but there's not much I can do about it now. I'll try to be more up-beat.

The wedding was wonderful, but

Okay. The things I DIDN'T like about the wedding in order.

5. The Organist

You all heard about the organist saga, in previous posts. He didn't know the music I wanted, and wasn't too helpful until the very end.

4. The pillows
I lost 2 nice bed pillows in all of this ruckus. I think they got left at the church and though we have tried to get them back, we have failed. Those were nice pillows. Not cheap. And I liked those pillows. I haven't been able to get the pillows we still have to work right.

3. The time warp
Let's do it again, no seriously, it all went so fast! I'd like it to have all been slower and easier to remember.

2. Being late
That really sucked. I was so mad. I was really afraid to hurt Jason's feelings too. I didn't want him to think I had stood him up. Plus I didn't want all of that anger in me on the day.

1. The minister
Was a jerk. Didn't say one word to us after the ceremony. Yelled at our wonderful photographer. Was a general jerk the whole time. Yeah. Not a fan.

Those were the things I didn't like. My favorite thing, by far, is being married to the most wonderful man in the universe.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Reception

The limo was beautiful. A huge long white Excalibur. Lights on the ceiling inside that made it look like a starry sky. It says it seated 10, but with 9 we were crowded. It was a lovely ride, And before we knew it, we were at Piper's. Larson went ahead and told them to start the entrance music. Jason made this great track for us to enter to, with some Diablo Swing Orchestra, Phil Collins (in the air tonight so that people knew skyconcert, I mean the reception, was about to start), "Gentlemen Start Your Engines", and the The Power of Love. Yeah. It was awesome.
Piper's looked beautiful. The centerpieces Anna had made were awesome! Some had pipe cleaners and some had little crystaly things. I wasn't a big fan of the pipe cleaners until I saw that people were twisting them into things. It was supercool. The Fruit and cheese display was the first thing we heard about. She carved our name (my new name) into the cheese. There was a swan made of melon. Everything was absolutely perfect. We mingled for a while and then it was time for dinner! We sat down to eat and it was delicious. JHP was great. If you don't know JHP is the John Harden Project, and indy jazz band that we hired. We went to see them in a park once this summer and that was it. We knew they were the perfect band for the wedding. Their singer sounds just like Etta James. The chicken was delish. I went to pay the band before I forgot, and she said they were probably getting hungry. I found out what time it was and WOW! They had been playing for almost an hour! So, we got Larson to segue into some of our music. We did toasts. They were WONDERFUL. Larson emceed like he was born for it, and he hadn't even known he was going to do it until that night. I cried at least twice during the toasts. After that, it was 10! We were supposed to leave at 11! Time was flying!
When the band came back, we had our first dance. It was lovely. Jason is a wonderful dancer. Then I danced with my Dad and his Dad. His Dad cried, and I hit him. I feel kinda bad now. I hope he doesn't hate me. We decided it was time to cut the cake. We each fed the other a piece nicely despite the jeering of everyone to smash it. I tossed the bouquet and Meaghan caught it but was forced to give it to a more likely candidate for marriage soon, Amanda. Jason retrieved my garter and the guys all ran from it. We did the chicken dance, and the bunny hop and late in the evening, in his pajamas, Xavier came up to me and asked me to dance. Completely un-prompted. It was very cute.
The reception was everything I ever could have wanted. Everything was beautiful and perfect. Jason was so handsome, our friends were fun, and the staff at Piper's was WONDERFUL. One of the waitresses handed me a diet coke when we came in, out of no-where. No one will admit asking her to bring it to me. I was soooooooo thirsty. We got into the second limo and drove up to the north side to the sheraton. It was a lovely room and wine and strawberries were waiting for us. You guys don't get to hear anymore.

The Pictures!!!

First Batch!

Now appearing here...

and below...

$54 million laptop

Go for it! I think it's inexcusable to lose it!

The Wedding

It is 6:10. I'm supposed to get married at 6:30. I am not dressed. I have JUST arrived at the church. Still EXTREMELY ANGRY. I walk in to the room to get dressed and everyone tries to calm me down. I know one reason I was mad was that I wanted that time. I wanted the getting ready for my wedding moment. Instead I had the rush moment. Mom is getting dressed too, and out photographer is there. She wants a picture of the rings together. I go look for Jason's ring. GONE. I think at that moment I was the first human to even go supernova. Late for my own wedding, missing the getting ready time, and the most important thing for me to bring was missing. I tore apart every bag that we brought in. No ring. I am half naked. I can't go out to the van looking for it. The minister is at the door telling us 10 minutes. Finally, my Dad comes to the door and I ask him to go to the car and find the ring. There's no way it could have fallen out, the bags didn't fall over, I tell myself. I mean I should have just had the ring with me i my purse or something. I am such a loser at this point. If I don't have Jason's wedding ring, he's going to kill me. I'm sure it will ruin the whole day for him. I've been building up this ring for months now. We're both excited to see what the other has engraved, and now because I didn't get to pack things up myself, it's gone. I continue looking until Karen practically shakes me out of it. There's nothing I can do about it at this point. I try to get ready. Mom is getting ready too. The minister comes again and says it's time to go. I try to get him to talk to Mom, but she can't hear him. THEN Dad walks in with the ring. Everything is better. I can suddenly cope with being out of time. I can take a few pictures and check my makeup. The girls all looked beautiful. Hayden, was an awesome flower girl who handled my temper tantrum in her presence with ease. She twirled for me and told me that she got to wear Mom's (Jennifer's) makeup. The quite insistent preacher returned and so did Lindsay (photog) with the ring. I gave it to Char and it was time to go.

We ascended the stairs and I tried to hide. I didn't want Jason to see me through the big windows. The girls went down the aisle one by one. I was so excited that I was tingling. We moved up, big windows be damned. I see Hayden and Xavier going down the aisle, and I see my very soon to be husband. He looks so handsome standing there. The organist is playing the bridal march, and I am blind from a million camera flashes. The next part is all spotty in my mind. It was one of those things where emotion overrides memory. I really hate that. I remember my Dad almost crying and me saying told ya. I remember all of the groomsmen making funny faces because Xavier was wreaking havoc behind me. Most of all I remember almost crying myself while I was saying the vows. Jason raised my veil and kissed me. I think I was floating. I was so happy and really couldn't (still can't) believe that I was married. The best part of the whole thing was the Gordon Pipers. At the very end of the ceremony, I didn't know if they were there. I did a quick check, and I saw kilts. They came down the aisle and led us out. It was AWESOME. They were so so so good. Then we went and had a receiving line. Greeted everyone. Took pictures. Got in limo and went to the reception.