Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More great pictures from homestead

Jason's a really great photographer and has a good eye. Most of the pictures you see on here are taken by him(the bad ones, by me) so I feel obliged to offer you some more from homestead.

To see some more click the zeebone link in the side bar. Ours are in the "Cleveland Car Show" album on the second page.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Honeymoon Day 2 Homestead

We woke up early on our second day of honeymoon and Jason went to rent our car for the day! It was a Shelby mustang:

Extremely powerful throaty car. You could raise the front end up off the ground really easy. It was fun to drive. When Jason was bringing it back to the hotel, I could hear him a block away. We got in and drove to Miami Homestead speedway.

Indycar season opener! Yay! We had good seats for the race and there was a lot to see at the track. We got to go in the pits. We could really get right up to the cars. Hence, this picture or Jason's carbon fiber ring on the carbon fiber mirror. There were all of these sheriffs on three wheeled segways. We saw one of them try to put it up on a sidewalk by popping a wheelie, and he almost turned it over. Later we saw another and I told the guy that it looked like fun. This is the result:

After that we sat to watch a great race. The highlight for me was when TK said that it didn't matter that one of his wheels was hanging by a thread, he was going to restart. He eventually had to pull in, and the question you're all asking, where did our guy Vitor finish? 10th, not too shabby. The next day, on to the boat!


We made the garden this weekend! We started with a boring grassy lawn. Jason had bought me some awesome garden tools and we made quick (ish) work of that.It was easier than I thought it would be with that tool, but not really quick. So yeah. We are almost finished digging, and we have found all kinds of leftovers from the power company. Little wires, pink twisties, and all kinds of other junk. We hadn't come across anything hard until the very end when we found this:

It's a root. Probably from the tree that died this past winter. Not only did it die, it wanted to take the power lines with it. We finally got it gone, but it didn't want to be forgotten. We had to break out the power tools to get rid of it.

Finally it was done and the plants were purchased by my wonderful mother, who will reap the benefits this summer.

I've planted:
green peppers
jalapeƱo peppers

yay! I'll give updates as the happen!