Thursday, November 13, 2008


I promise I took this one myself:
Passin side<--------------------------------------------------------------->Suicide.


The Lie Revealed!

And, the lie is #2!!!!!!!

The facts/lies were:

1. I'm the oldest child in my generation of my family.
2. I have visited 48 of 50 states
3. I hate radishes

I am the oldest. Indeed, I am wise beyond my years, likened to a crone whose knowledge is sought by people everywhere, the Stephen Hawking of Indiana, or not.

I do hate radishes. And this is awful, because Jason loves them. He keeps getting me to try them and it's yuck every time. They never taste any different.

I have not visited 48 of 50 states. Not only have I not been to Alaska or Hawaii (if anyone out there really want to fix this, I'm open to the possibilities), but my travel has kind of been in a line from Indiana to either Texas or Florida. So, all those states in there the most. I have been to new england briefly, and of course a few other states, but there's this HUGE gap of my presence in the northwest.

So, there I am, revealed as a terrible liar to the blogsphere. I used a strange word.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Catching up

I've been so gone lately! I'm very very sorry. To the three of you who read this...

Last week was pretty crazy. I was off, there were big meetings and Mom had surgery. I'm pleased to report that she is home and as long as she's not lying to me, doing really well, very little pain. The big meetings were boring except for the smores part. Isn't it fun to be cryptic?

The week before, I don't even remember, It is all a haze. And, you know, looking back just now, I hadn't really been all that gone, I guess. It just feels like it. I messed up my metrics with the new scheme so it looked like my blog had been abandoned. You know, dusty streets, shutters waving in the wind, an empty old saloon with swinging doors where my blog used to be. At least, on my end.

This past weekend was nothing interesting, in fact it feels like it never even happened. We got lego star wars and not only has that developed in to a black hole of time (though I love it), we also watched the whole original (better) trilogy on Sunday. Yeah.


I was tagged last week by Sarah, and i was so out of it that I didn't even notice until today!!! I'm so sorry! It was strange week, I'll update you all soon.

The rules...
1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 2 true facts about yourself and 1 lie.
3. Tag 4 people at the end of your post by including links to their blogs.
4. Have people guess which one out of the three is false.

The facts/lies are:

1. I'm the oldest child in my generation of my family.
2. I have visited 48 of 50 states
3. I hate radishes

Hmmm, I know one reader who will pass this with flying colors.

I'm tagging

There Are No Words


Monday, November 10, 2008

Scariest pumpkin ever.

One of the links over there to the left is to Jorge Garcia's blog. I like Lost, it's a good show, but Jorge is hilarious. He's one of those people who you feel like you would like them if you met them in person. But, I digress. He has, posted on his site right now the scariest pumpkin carving that I've ever seen. Pumpkins, no matter how you carve them, aren't in general scary. But, he's taken my favorite painting to be scared of (not look at, goodness no, I can't look at it for that long, or it will get me) and carved it into a pumpkin.

That painting (click the link above to see it, but beware) is called Saturn Devouring His Son. I remember the first time I saw it. It was in art appreciation class and I had to turn my head away. It's a brutal topic, but it isn't the blood that ever got to me. It was and will always be the eyes. Goya captured so perfectly utter madness. A place past all rationality and beyond anything most of us have ever seen or experienced. There's desperation there too, the look of a being that is terrified by its own actions but is powerless to stop it.

It's the scariest painting I've ever seen. And I like my art disturbing.

ANYWAY, head on over to Dispatches From The Island and check it out.