Friday, September 25, 2009

Texas! Part one

Jason, just to let you know, it's hard to type when you have to make an x with your hands.

Only a week after we came back from Florida with Jason's family, we were off to Texas with mine! My family is from Texas, and I spent many a summer there when I was younger. We all piled into the van it was me my brother my ma oh my pop and my little sister all jumped in the car. We headed downtown to the gallery mall.

WAIT. That's not even a meme. At this point it's just an old Will Smith Song. Extra points if you remember it too.

In real life, it was Jason and I, my parents, my bother and this:

My parents' new puppy, Penelope. She's a schnoodle. It took me 4 times to type that. She's half poodle, half Schnauzer and all teeth. But she's cute!!!!

We started our trip in Arkansas. I know that's not really Texas, but Mom's goal after retirement is to see all of the presidential libraries. Little Rock was just enough on our way to really qualify.

Penny, although cute was not allowed in the library, so we took shifts.

I has excited to see that there was a space exhibit there. I really do love all things space. If given the chance, I would 100% go into space. I wanted so much to go to space camp when I was a kid. Jason makes fun of me now because I saw a preview of the new show "Defying Gravity" and I said "OMG It's a show in space! It's a show in space!"

Anyway (I'm feeling awfully stream of consciousness today) in this exhibit there was part of Mir. As in the space station. It was a cool exhibit but something about the inside of that pod made you dizzy. Instantly. I went in around 4 times, and it never went away!

The rest of the Clinton library was kind of uneventful. There was a replica oval office, but we couldn't go in! I don't see the point of having the replica to see if we have to stand outside. Also, they knew I was coming, so they got out the Chihuly. For whatever reason, the docent that heard me say "look, a Chihuly" was really really impressed that I knew what it was. From Little Rock we were off to Whitesboro!

We drove and drove and drove (insert some more "droves" in there). And arrived at the hotel in the early evening. We checked in and invited my Aunt Dawn and Papa over.

Papa really is awesome. He's in his 90's and is completely independent. Not just independent, but a witty, sharp, extremely talented artist. He spends his days painting lovely things, and gave Jason and I a second painting while we were down there. It's really beautiful, of a beach in Cozumel (we didn't know that's where it was when we picked it, but more on that later) then we went to bed. Crash.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Don't Shoot!

I'm not very consistent, but I am contrite. Sorry I haven't updated. I don't have ANY good reason. A certain awesome blogger emailed me, and it was like the wall of procrastination between me and the blog seemed short enough to climb.

I'm going to update again, soon. I promise. (okay, I already set something to come up tomorrow, ha!)

p.s. I love this picture, we went to see the King Tut exhibit at the children's museum, and it turned out to be Star Wars Saturday. I was admiring the R2 (love) and there were storm troopers everwhere. I asked for a picture. When it was taken, one of them had just told me "look scared". It's hard to look scared when things are so awesome.