Friday, January 2, 2009


Year in review post. How to sum up such a year? There was both good and bad, and I think more good. But, as to leave on a positive note, I'll list the bad first.

This year I:
Wrecked the Sonata
Lost my dear Diana
Panicked about my financial future
Got several bruises, and broken nails, I'm sure

I also:
Got married to the most amazing man, I am more in love with him every day.
Went on a fabulous honeymoon, and didn't fall off of the cruise ship.
Discovered a real love of cooking
Planted a successful vegetable garden, unless you count the rabbit eaten peas
Got the awesomely purple fit!
Worked in a job I love
Calmed the panic, took action.
learned (kinda) to knit
took a sewing class

So, overall, I think, pretty dang good year! Certainly better than last year, and the year before (okay, just the end of that one)

Hope the same is true for all who read this!


Because, see, it was supposed to be yesterday.