Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Should I be offended? Probably not. But, it drives me crazy, the things people say to you when they find out that you are recently married. It's usually in one of three categories:

1. Babies
2. Stereotypes
3. "lessons"

I'll start with #1. On our wedding day, I totally expected that people would tease us and ask how soon we were having kids. Not fun, but expected. We'll have kids in our own sweet time, when we decide it is the right time. You all know I love kids, so that's not the issue, it's just that we would like a little time for US, I know we're selfish. But, back to the point. Now I have people asking if we got married because I was "knocked up" or wanting to pat my stomach. I'm just fat, folks, nothing to see here, move along.

#2. People always seem to have some stereotypical joke about one of us dominating the other. There's the jump/how high joke, there's the remote control jokes, and let's not forget referring to me as an appliance. All of these are in good fun, I think. Some of the people really seem to think that one of us has to be "the boss". I'm not going to tell him what to do, or prevent him from doing as he likes, and he's not going to do that to me either. You want to know why we're together? We LIKE to be. No-one is making anyone do anything.

#3. Lessons. While I appreciate the advice of people who have gone before me, most of it starts with stuff from the category above. Think "you've gotta make him" or "don't let her". Also, divorced and bitter people seem to have the most advice. Now, I know plenty of people who are divorced, and they aren't all like that. Just some seem to think any meting of a man and woman is doom and gloom. Also, lessons on how to be a wife for me. I can do it! I haven't poisoned myself with my cooking nor had the health board come in to the house yet, I don't really need to know how to fold napkins for dinner, and if I decide that I do, I can look it up. Now, all that being said, I don't mind a little practical advice, as long as it's not given in a condescending tone.

To my newlywed friends, does this drive you mad too, or was it this weekend's assumptionfest that set me off?

Garden update!

So, one of my summer projects, the garden is coming to fruition, or vegition, however you decide. I have picked my first tomato! Mr Stripey is the only one of the three tomato plants to give anything up so far. We have had a great crop of radishes (I'm counting on Griaffeman to confirm this, I don't like radishes), and we've eaten some dill and chives. We've got at least 2 cucumbers growing, and corn has tassled, so we should see some ears soon. The lettuce is still there, despite the bunnies hard work, and we've eaten some of it. I just got a cherry tomato plant and put it on the porch, so we'll see what we get from there. I'm so excited!

Monday, July 14, 2008


Last weekend, we went to see Wall-E. I went in expecting the usual stuff. Let me start off here. I love the Earth. I try to be green, and while I'm not always great about it, I try. So, I'm not at all opposed to movies that have an environmental message. That being said, I HATED Happy Feet. IT was bait and switch. A movie that was supposed to be about dancing penguins was really about what an awful person I am. So, that being said, I was glad to know that Wall-E was an environmental piece upfront. It was a really cute movie, and I liked it a lot. Wall-E reminded me A LOT of number 5, who is, in fact alive. I thought that it was all well done, and sent the message without condemning us as a species.