Monday, July 7, 2008

4th Of July Weekend, Sans Camera

We had a great weekend! But we forgot to take the camera to record any of it. So, I've re-created some of it the best I could. You'll see. Trust me. On Thursday, Jason and I went to pick up his new truck! Its an older ford ranger, and it is white. Its in perfect condition and I hope will be a nice car for many years to come. Here's an artist's interpretation. That's smiley Jason. Don't ask me why he doesn't have hair or arms or anything.

We didn't however, take it to go see WEIRD AL! on Thursday night. It was at white river lawn. Last year, we went to see symphonic Led Zeppelin there and it was fun. We brought in food, and even a bottle of wine. So, this year, we planned to take all kinds of stuff. Drinks, and Mom, who awesomely bought us the tickets, was bringing sandwiches! We were waiting at the gate when it opened. Turns out that over less than a year, they had turned into food nazis. They were letting in one sandwich bag and one bottle of water, small, each. So Mom and I trekked back to the car and left most of the yummy there. I was really mad. I'm going to write a really strongly worded letter. BUT, none of that now. The show was great! It was hilarious, and really high energy. I really enjoyed it, and so did everyone else. We walked back to the car and home to bed. zzzzzzzz

The next day, the 4th, started off slow, but we got going. Larson had suggested the Indians game that night. They would have fireworks there and then also, fireworks from downtown, that we could see from our seats. Our seats were on the lawn. I'd never sat there before, but it was really nice! There, we could bring in all kinds of food. The game was good, even though we lost, and it was a pretty night. They brought out the fireworks and I thought "gee that's close". That's our red and black blanket. Then BOOM!!!! The first one went off and it was instant fetal position. They were extremely loud and incredibly close. I finally got used to it, and it was a nice show. The downtown ones were also good, but not quite as three feet from me. We had a great time.

Saturday, both Jason and I had to work. I had my guitar hero tournament, a great success! Yay! Sunday, he worked again and we watched the race. I cried. I wanted to wring E.J. Viso's neck. Vitor was on his way to a win. He was on the right fuel strategy, and set up great. RHR did great though, and I'm happy to see him get a win. There's developments in the garden, look for posts when I find my camera.