Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin vs Library

Check this link out. Normally, I'm not into all of the muckraking that goes on during an election, but if I had been this librarian, I would have wanted to quit the second the question was asked.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

So, we have all read about the failbread. But, I have yet to tell you about it's gill buddy and more successful cousin, buffalo chicken pizza. This had become a favorite dish at a restaurant, so we decided to try it at home, and spend less money. It started out with that same dough, whole wheat, I forgot to mention in the previous post, and that's why it's brown. We cooked it for about 20 minutes on the grill with nothing on it. I think next time I'd reduce this time by about 5 minutes, as the bottom was a little more done than I wanted. So, dough cooked, I started to top. First, buffalo sauce. We used Steak and Lube's medium, because it looked like a good, insane, color. Because we're crazy, next time we'll use hot. I also put on some chopped red onion and some chopped celery.

We had some grilled chicken that I chopped up, then dumped in a bag with some more of the buffalo sauce and shook. Last, but certainly not least, I put on some garlic and cheese.

We put it back on the grill and cooked it until the cheese was melted.

Then served.

We ate it with salads, and it was delicious.


Last night, we made pizza on the grill. We had bought a new pizza stone for the grill, and also an iron skillet to make deep dish pizza in. I made dough, following about 3 different recipes online and we put some on the stone and some on the skillet. We placed them in the grill. This is what happened.

I didn't oil the stone. I didn't think to. The dough had lots of oil in it, and I didn't remember oiling my ones from pampered chef. Oops. The dough stuck to the stone like there was no tomorrow. It stuck like my finger in the organ bench (gotta be overly informed about my childhood to get that one, ask me if you're really interested) So we had one pizza instead. I'll tell you all about it in just a minute.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day!

Ahh, the joys of a long weekend, the confusion that follows you into the week. And I'm not talking drinking. Every time I have a long weekend, I spend the next week trying to remember what day it is. Yeah. So really, it's Tuesday right now. Yeah. We did the usual labor day rib fest marathon, but less this year than in years past. We saw Shooter Jennings, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Johnny Lang, and Ted Nugent. My favorite was Johnny Lang. I think he could ave played for another 3 hours and I would have enjoyed it.

I also shopped more than I should have. I got a new purse, new perfume, and new shoes. Jason also got shoes, and a new reel for his fishing pole. It has red holes in it. Yep. I don't really know what they are for, but they sure look cool! Jason also got a new phone, albeit unintentionally. The screen on his 5 month old phone quit working. They didn't have any of his model (other than in pink) to replace it with, so they gave him a new phone! Barring any bill surprises, it's the best customer service we've gotten from Sprint. That says a lot.

We went to see Hancock and the dollar movies, and boy, was it crowded. One of the best things, however, was a sunset as we were waiting for skyconcert to begin. For those of you not from Indy, skyconcert is an annual fireworks show that is set to music. It is fun every year! I can honestly say that I don't enjoy just fireworks as much as I used to before I started going to skyconcert.

There was a great sunset on the White River just before the show. Take a look: