Saturday, January 26, 2008

Meet the Spartans

So, tonight we saw it. It was funny. The best part in my opinion was Kevin Sorbo playing the captain. He was hilarious, plus it was funny seeing Dylan Hunt/Hercules in a comedy. I think I've got the music settled with the organist, and all it took was FOREVER! I had my hair done today. I love it. It's a dark red, and it's just beautiful. It was EXPENSIVE. Lots of all caps tonight, hmmmm. I spent 4 hours at the salon and we spent $258. I got color, cut, highlights, and practice style. She made it match the extension perfectly. I really do like it, but it's a lot of money to spend regularly. So, I'm feeling pretty good tonight, so YAY! Soon, I'll let you all in my thoughts about Queen Latifah and Jenny Craig.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Ben Franklin

Today, I'm working on a presentation for second graders on Ben Franklin. I'm cutting out kites and inventions. It's fun. I can't breathe through my nose. That's not fun. Last night I took some of that spray up the nose stuff. It worked like MAGIC. I could breathe through my nose all night. I meant to put it in my purse and bring it to work today with me, but I didn't. Oops, so now I can't breathe. You know? I see why people are leaving myspace for facebook. Facebook is totally fun. I like the fluff friends. Hee hee. Not that I would ever betray myspace. I mean I owe it my current happiness. Jason found me on myspace, don't you know?

I'm trying to make myself better, really I am. I've hat 3 bottles of water already today, that's 6 glasses of the 8-10 recommended when you're sick. Mom suggested cold eze, but that's never really done much for me, or maybe I just wait until too late to get it. Any ideas?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chinese Food

Yum, I just ate some sesame chicken. And crab rangoons. Chinese food is gooooood. I got the hair stuff taken care of, but I still don't have the music set up. I haven't heard from the organist in 3 days. I'm becoming worried. If it's not settled by Monday, I'll have to take the stuff to be printed without it. Puke.

I'm still not feeling that great, my nose is awful I hope it's better soon....

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Motivation. nope

I have no motivation to work today. I see my desk covered in papers and other things I could do, but no! I would rather do nothing. I like my job, don't get me wrong, but today I just feel zapped. I did this morning. I let myself sleep WAAAAAAY too late, and was late to work. Now I'm in my office, staring at the aforementioned papers. Yeah. I guess the situation of my life in general is due an update.

The big "b" is, over, I guess. I got my discharge paper in the mail, and that's supposed to be the end. I do still have to go to court on the 6th, and I so still have to surrender my tax return, but other than that, I'm done. I have to save up to get a secured credit card. That's supposed to be my first step in the credit recovery department. I'm anxious to do that. I guess I'm still young enough to not have the affect me as badly, but dang. I still don't like it.

Student loans are still there but in forbearance at the moment. I'm still scared I'll never pay those off. There's a plan. I hope it works. I haven't spoken to evil in over a year now. That's strange to me. It's amazing how much a part of your life someone can be and then is gone in an instant. Now, I'm not saying that I EVER want to see her face again, but it's just odd.

All that stuff was depressing me, so on to better things. The wedding is in 9 days. I'm going to be first hair appointments on Saturday. Mom is picking up my dress on Friday. I'm excited. I'm really lucky to have found someone as awesome as my Jason. I wonder if he knows. Even if the wedding ended up having no music, no guests, no anything, I would still be so happy.

I have good friends. I can count on them to talk to me when I'm down, when I'm up and laugh at me when I insult the organist. Yeah, I totally deserved that. We live in a nice, cozy apartment. It might be small, but it's the first place other than my parents' that's really felt like home. I love the paint we put on the walls. I have love. I have a wonderful family. I have a new family.

What do I want? I want my student loans paid off. I want Jason to find a new job that he loves. I want to be with him forever. I want to have friends over and cook out this summer. I want to have more confidence and less insecurity. I want to clean the house this week. Okay, that one I NEED to do.

I know this has all been kinda stream of consciousness, but well, that's where I am.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I bet you all didn't think I would post today. After my lofty goal of yesterday to post every day, I would have been easy to fall off so soon. I didn't!

Diana got her results yesterday. It was good and bad. It was malignant, but they got it all. It may have spread, but it may not have too. So, we wait.

I'm feeling some better but my nose is still all crazy.

That's all for now, I don't really feel like talking about anything else I guess.

p.s. Hey! If ANYONE is reading this, leave me a comment. I'm losing faith that I'm doing anything other than talking to myself.

Monday, January 21, 2008

I'll try

I'm going to try to update every day. I figure if I really want to make a go of this, I'd better be committed. So here's today:

I'm home sick. I think I have the flu. I'm feeling a little better right now than I have been this weekend. I think drinking all that water last night may have helped. At least my throat doesn't hurt as much anymore. I think it's good for me to stay home today though so I have a chance to get better.

I called the vet and Diana's pathology is back, but the girl who answered the phone didn't know what it said, so I'm waiting for a call from the vet.

So, here I sit, watching TV, and thinking about wedding things. I need to make a good plan for the reception and choose a few more songs for like Father/Daughter dance, and cake cutting and carter/bouquet toss.

I actually got my discharge on Saturday. So, I'm technically done with the big "b". Now it's rebuilding time.

I don't think there are any more updates yet, I'll post about Diana whenever I know!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Oh, what a week

I almost ruined our whole wedding with only two weeks left, and Diana had surgery.
Monday, we took Diana to have her tumors removed. She went in at 8 ish, and I left work early to pick her up that afternoon. When we got home she was so drunk, it was hard to watch her. She wanted to walk around the bedroom (we put her in there with bed, food, water and litterbox so the other cats wouldn't bother her) but she kept falling over. It was really painful. For me, not so much for her, I don't think. The instant we left her alone she went under the bed. She likes to get under there, but has never been able to figure out how to get out. We had to lift up the mattress and box spring and then I had to pick her up to get her out. When there's a GIANT incision on her stomach, that's not easy. We stuffed pillows in the cracks so she couldn't get back under there and left her alone some more in the hopes that she would sleep. So she settled down in the closet and slept. The next day was better, and the next and the next. She's doing really well now, doesn't seem to have any pain, and has developed a strange cat fetish. She loves it when you pet her on the shaved part of her stomach, near the incision. She squirms and turns to get your hand to go there. It's soft, but I don't want to grab a handful of stitches. The vet said to wait 4-5 days for the pathology to come back. I'm still worried, but I'm trying not to borrow trouble.

So, I almost ruined our wedding. I've been trying to get the music planned for months now, and hadn't made any headway with ANYONE. We wanted Jason's step-mom to play, but the church wouldn't allow it. I asked to talk to the organist and got no-where. Finally, when I got through to the pastor on e-mail, he nixed all of my recorded songs saying that they had a very talented group of people working there. SO, after our meeting with the minister, he promised to have their "substitute" organist call us. They don't even have an organist. So, a week later, he calls me and says he could play anything and I send him our list of requests. He emails me back saying that he doesn't know most of them and asks if I could get sheet music. Jason calls up his Dad, and they have the music. for organ. on hand. So, I tell the organist this, and his response is to pick different songs because he's not comfortable with those. I was mad. It had been a really long week, I'd been trying to get this together forever and now who knows what will be played.

Here's where I really screwed up. I was frustrated, and I wrote an email to Jason, it said: I'm about to scream, this guy is such a putz, I'm about ready to call the church and complain. I hit send. I looked in me sent folder a few minutes later. I had sent the email to THE ORGANIST. OMG. I sent 3 apologetic emails and waited. I was sure we were out of the church, and the wedding was ruined. I felt awful. Sure, I was frustrated, but I had no right to be so mean. I'm sure I'd hurt his feelings and I didn't want to do that. I was being cut off at every pass. I had the solution at my fingertips. I wasn't allowed to use it. So, I waited. I waited all day and most of the next for the phone to ring.

Then, while we were out grocery shopping, it did. It was the minister. He said that he understood that we wanted our day to be special, but he had to look out for his people. He said that we could go forward, and I apologized profusely. I called the organist and apologized. He sent me an email this morning. I hope we can just work it out for this, and this has left me with some advice for brides. Don't pick your church on looks. I'm a member of a church, and I love everyone there. My father is the minister for goodness sake, and The rest of everyone is great. the problem is that it's tiny and not that pretty. I always imagined having my wedding at a big beautiful church, and that's not what mine was. So, I chose this church for it's looks. I've gotten the feeling what the minister has never liked us, and now this mess. So, my advice for brides would be to attend the church you are thinking about for a few weeks and get to know the staff before booking. That way you are assured to have the best experience.