Monday, March 17, 2008

Make me thin?

Last night, Jason and I watched the new show on TLC "I can make you thin". He has 4 golden rules:
1. When you're hungry, eat.

Okay, that's simple, plus he says not to get too hungry or stuffed. Here's his scale. He says never go into the red:

2. Eat what you want to, not what you think you should. This is awesome. You can eat whatever you want. Just don't over-eat, don't get into the red.

3. Eat consciously. This is one we've all heard before. Pay attention to what you eat. Savor every bite. Put your fork down in between bites. If it's a sandwich, put it down.

4. When you are full, stop eating.

I am trying this, starting today. I had mac and cheese for lunch, and I ate TONS less than I thought I would, and I haven't been hungry all day. I'm getting hungry again now.

I'll keep you updated. Here's hoping.