Monday, December 17, 2007

Dean Koontz shouldn't write for kids

So, I just picked up a copy of Dean Koontz's children's book "Robot Santa" from the shelf. It's creepy. There's a gorilla who wants his teeth flossed, an evil Santa with toad snot, and cat poop, and evil Santa's creation, robot Santa. Robot Santa is just wrong. He's got scary android hands, and I just got to a part where, in response to mistletoe, he takes of his lips and nibbles his own ear. I think this proves that Dean Koontz is so creepy that he can't write NOT creepy. Yeah. Check this out:
" Good manners require a sweet Christmas kiss
a loving smooch in situations like this,
a tender moment of holiday bliss

He unplugs his lips and kisses his cheek,
then nibbles his ear. Oh, dear, what a geek!
Forget robot Santa, call him Santa Freak!"

Yeah. You know I LOVE Dean Koontz. Just not for kids. Or really, his kids books aren't for me either.

Life? Yes , I have one still. This past week, I've been busy-ish getting more Christmas stuff and wedding stuff done. I got an email from Sallie Mae the other day, but I couldn't get in to the attachment. When I called them, they swore the email wasn't from them, but it was the same address and everything as before. It worried me that it was phishing, and I had given the attachment my ssn, but I downloaded it first, so I hope it's okay. No new news on the other things, I am just going to sit back, because stressing and calling people has gotten me no-where.

Let's see, what else this week... OH YEAH!! WE GOT A Wii!!!! The wonderful Steve and Rachel got us a wii for our wedding!! It's really awesome. We already bought 2 games and rented 2 more. We bought paper mario and a wii blaster that came with Link's archery. We also have the sports one, which is fun, but more fun with two wiimotes. Then, Jason rented Medal of Honor (I think) and I rented Cooking Mama. It's fun and strange all at the same time. I've made lots of things. I am pretty good at cracking pretend eggs now. The one I want now is Warioware Smooth Moves. It is so much fun and so strange. We also got the genesis working now, and I've been playing and remembering how HARD Ecco is, and getting stuck at the same places Amanda and I used to in Jr High.

I had my bridal shower this Saturday. It started snowing hard that morning, and I was really worried that I was going to have no-one show up, but I was wrong! Quite a few people showed, and I had a good time! I hope everyone else did too! I got some great gifts too! A whole bunch of new plates, a blender, and, a Hello Kitty sewing machine! It is very awesome. I have my second dress fitting tomorrow, and the batchelorette party not too far away! It's all going so quickly! I guess that's all for now. Laters!