Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's been too long

Sorry to anyone reading this, and especially to schmoopie. Sorry. I've managed to get some positive thinking done. I went to the doctor and she found NOTHING in my breast. It was nothing ever. Nothing to worry about. I think I can cope with going back to court. I'm waiting right now for them to file the paperwork so I get a date. I decided to make the doctor's visit a turning point. It was the first positive (non-Jason related) news I've gotten in a while. If that's going well, the rest will too. I say non-Jason related because stuff about him is always good. In other news...

Christmas is almost here and I'm almost done shopping. Almost. I've got a couple of things left to get for a couple of people. My bridal shower is this weekend! Yay! I still can't believe that I'm the bride this time. I'm so happy! We put up all of our Christmas stuff! I keep meaning to take pictures with it all together and the living room clean, but it hasn't happened yet. We ordered, put together and mailed out invitations. I think they came out really well. I had my first fitting for my gown, it's beautiful. I love it. I love it more than all the other ones in all the other shops. I hope Jason likes it when he sees me walk down the aisle. I still need to make the favors.

Ooooh! We got an old Sega genesis the other day! We tried to hook it up, but it wouldn't work, so we took it back to the store, and it worked there. Then we brought it home and now it works there too! We got a lot of games! Ecco the Dolphin, Aladdin, Sonic, Jurassic Park, and X-men one, a Wrestling one and a racing one! I played ecco this morning, and I felt like I was back in Amanda's bedroom. Hee!

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