Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Invasion, White Noise 2

Okay, i said I'd review the movies I watched this weekend, so here goes:

Invasion, starring Nicole Kidman. It was good overall, I really was grossed out (in a good way) by how the invasion was spread. The arrival of the invasion on earth was incredibly believable. I liked most, I think, the science content in the movie. The rest of it I found mostly to be too heavy handed with it's message about passion and emotion and it's consequences. The acting waas good on all parts and I thought the costuming was excellent. When Nicole Kidman gets more tired and disheveled, it's authentic.

White Noise 2, I wanted to see for two reasons. The whole concept of EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) really intrigues me. Also, it had Nathan Fillion. I'm all for that. I need a little Mal viewing now and then. This movie really fell short on that first reason. They basically discuss EVP briefly in the beginning and then go ahead with a concept loosely based on that, but eventually more like Final Destination. The first one was way better.

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