Monday, May 5, 2008

Honeymoon Day 3 Bon Voyage! (part one)

We got up in the morning and took the mustang back. It was pretty easy, there was a big parking garage and no fuss. We had checked out of the hotel and had all of our stuff with us in the (now dead *frown* ) sonata. We didn't really have anywhere to go, and we weren't supposed to be at the boat until noon. We decided to drive to near where the port was and find something to do there. we drove and then, all of the sudden, we were there! There wasn't really a choice other than to park the car in the garage and go! It was easy to board, only problem being one jerk. I decided while we were waiting, to call and let my parents know that we were off, and I was talking to Mom about the LOOONG drive, and this guy starts screaming about no cell phones in the whatever area we were in. I really mean screaming. He was really upset. There were no signs posted and I to this day have no idea why it was such a big deal.

ANYWAY we go onto the boat. They let us know that the rooms weren't ready yet, but that we could go grab some lunch in the buffet kind of place, I think it was called the garden Cafe. This all seems SO long ago now. We have some lunch and run around looking at stuff until we hear that the rooms are ready. We go find ours, only to discover that it wasn't quite ready after all. Oh well, no big. We keep wandering and I am tired. I still didn't feel like I had caught up on sleep yet and I looked like this:
You can see some early sunburn and my chipped nails. We got into our room and granted, it was small, but I expected that. We took a short nap and we went up for sailaway! We found a spot where we could look out over the front of the boat, and you could see down to the world's saddest pool. I never saw ANYONE in that pool and I still don't know what it was there for. Maybe for the crew? Who knows.
Across from where the boat was docked was a shipping yard. Also known as where crimes happen. Seriously this must have been a set for at least 30 movies. I'm sure there were car chases and shootouts happening right then. Look!

Yeah. We waved goodbye to no-one in particular and had already made reservations for dinner, so it was time to go explore the ship some more. More on that tomorrow! (or whenever I find motivation....)

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