Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Honeymoon Day 3 (and 4) Part 2

So after we are out at sea, it was time to go to our first dinner. We ended up at a place that was open 24 hours and served all kind of fried bad for you stuff. The potato skins were really just wedge fires with all kinds of stuff on them, but they were good!

You see, our boat had all kinds of different restaurants that we can go to anytime we want. It was really nice. This place and Mambo's overlooked the lobby like area of the boat, and in the lobby there was a really cool ceiling treatment with all kinds of glass icicles hanging. There was also a Chihuly! I love his work, and he's so entertaining too.

After dinner we stopped by the nightclub in the boat, and it's a really cool place that was never as full as it should be. It had beds! A bunch of kinda Moroccan style beds all around the edge of the room. There was music and big TVs and a bowling alley (more later on bowling)

We hung out in a bed for a while and then went back to the cabin to hang out in a different bed. We were TIRED. The thing is, they didn't clip some clip on the underneath of the bed. So, the 2 twin beds that made our full size bed kept sliding apart. So, every couple of hours I'd wake up to find that I was sleeping in a space hammock created by the sheets. They finally fixed this. After a good night's sleep , we spent our next day at sea.

On our first whole day at sea we took time to sit out on the deck and read, and Jason ran around with the ipod. My first honeymoon book was Poltergeist by Kat Richardson. I enjoyed it, but it was kinda slow and difficult to understand, as I had not read the first book (this was the second in the series).
For dinner that night we went to Mambo's. It was tex-mex style. I had fajitas and Jason had these seafood skewers things that were awesomely delicious. That was probably the best restaurant on the boat. After there we headed up for a 50's style night at the big "Spinnaker Lounge". We saw some dancers and listened to some songs then we were pooped and wanted to get some sleep in preparations for our day in Cozumel!

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