Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Indycar Season Finale

This blog begins with an entirely random picture. Yeah. A tenderloin. Random yum.

Life? It’s okay. I’m not going to get in to my recent struggles with worry. I’ll just say that this is something I’m continuing to work on, but it isn’t easy.

Catching up! Let’s see, we went to the Indycar season ending race in Chicago. I was especially upset because of the news about, as Jason calls him, Dario Speedwagon. Dario is fine, he’s not a bad guy (I don’t think), but I was mad last year when he won the championship, and immediately defected to nascar. Then, after a season of complete fail there, he decides to come back. That’s fine; it’s the change reaction it caused that is the problem. Dario wants to come back. Ganassi wants him. Bump --> Dan Wheldon. A good, race winning driver, kinda strange in appearance after his fiancée made him fix his teeth and grow out his hair. He looked better before. So Dan, who has been good for his team, is now hanging out there without a ride. Here comes the pain. Panther. Panther picks him up. Bump --> VITOR. Vitor who has been nothing but classy and never has anything bad to say about Panther, whom he’s suffered slow pit stops with for years. Vitor has taken Panther’s second tier equipment, and consistently put it into the top bracket. Vitor was a big story this year, because he’s never won a race. However, he’s been involved in 3 of the five closest finishes in Indycar history, as the driver who didn’t win by less than a second. In case you haven’t read any of my racing posts, I’ll let you know, Vitor is my favorite driver. I picked him after we met him at a downforce party because he’s a nice guy, and cute in the way that you want to go give him a hug. Or at least I do. So, all of this coming back from napcar (we call it that because it’s good to sleep to) junk leaves my guy dangling. The general consensus is that he’ll find a new, better team (it had better be better), but I’m angry about it all. Back to Chicago.

You know it’s a good race when you cry twice. Okay not really. Vitor had something break, and wrecked in what seems to be his last race with panther. I was sad to see it end that way. But, then Jason (reluctantly) called my attention to what was written on the wall in front of panther’s pits. Bingo, cry number two.

You REALLY know it’s a good race when you crush your husband’s hand. The championship was on the line. It was down to Dixon and Helio. Helio would have to win it and see Dixon finish worse than 9th to get that championship. Dixon wasn’t having any of that. Various leaders at various times ran three wide all the way around the track. I think even the announcers were scared. They sold me the whole seat, but I only used the edge (I know, terrible). At the finish, we couldn’t tell who’d won. It was the closest finish in Indycar history. Wow. Helio pulled off the win, but with Dixon on his tail, he didn’t get the championship. I guess dancing with the stars will have to be enough for the moment, but he’ll be back on it next year.

We ate at Red Robin on the way home. It was no great shakes! I was shocked. Five guys has way better burgers and way better prices. MMMMMMMMM. I’ll do more catching up soon!

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Living on the Spit said...

OKay, I have a lot to share on this post. What fun going to the Chicago Speedway...I am so jealous. We are BIG nascar fans...HWM (my fiance') channels Dale Earnhardt Junior all the time! We were happy to give Dario back...there are already enough pretty boys in there already...LOL. I like Helio and think he is a marvelous dancer!!! It is funny you crush hubby's hand as I do the same thing! We also LOVE 5 guys...OMG, the "small" fries is enough to feed a small army and the burgers...mmmm. Great post though.