Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Bel found herself on a lower deck with a balcony. The water was so choppy now that she had fallen against the walls in the hallway a few times, but she had held on to her drink, and her tears. She felt lucky to have found a little solitude on the crowded boat. She had to come through what looked like a bedroom to get there, and she was pretty sure that she wasn’t supposed to have, but she didn’t care.

How stupid could she possibly be? Jonathan liking her? That was about as likely to happen as it was for the pope to be struck by lightning. But on top of that, he thought she was a lesbo? Well that was just the vomit icing on the dirt cake. What had she ever done to make him think that? And why had she even come to this stupid party anyway. She knew she didn’t fit in here. She took a huge drink from her cup. She should be at home, working on that piece in the basement, hanging out with her cat, and being ignored as usual by her parents. Instead she had the stupid idea to get on this stupid boat and hand out with the stupidest people on this stupid planet. She took another sip. And Brianne must have known what would happen, after all, why else would she have invited her. I’m just some big joke for people to laugh at. She finished off her drink. No wonder people call this liquid courage she thought.

It’s not fair! Bel told herself. I’m a person, not just some toy for her to play with. I might be a little chunky, but I’m no circus freak! Just because I don’t fit her perfect little mold of what’s “normal” doesn’t mean I deserve this! I’m going to go let her know that Isobel Dane is no pawn for her to play with! Bel leapt to her feet.

At the exact same moment, the yacht hit an especially rough wave and Bel was thrown against the balcony railing. She thought for a moment that she would be able to just put her feet back down but another wave rocked the boat and threw her over the side.

She clung to the railing with all of the strength she had ever had. She could see the party going on several levels above and screamed for help, but the music was so loud that she wasn’t heard. He fingers slipped on the damp railing. The hull beneath her feet was completely smooth, nothing for her bare feet to grab on to. She couldn’t hold on much longer. She took a breath to yell again, but before she could the boat rocked once more and her hands no-longer held the railing. Her head struck the hull of the ship with dull thud. She fell toward the black water. Before she lost consciousness, she saw was Jonathan, calling her name from the balcony door.

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Charlotte said...

Ok, so what happens next? I can't handle all these cliffhangers!