Friday, October 31, 2008

Fiction on Friday Chapter 5 part 2

Bel turned her head as she heard a quick lapping of water. There, in the water, the calm sea was broken by a shape. Was it a rock? No, she’d heard it move. She strained her eyes to look closer but it was gone in a heartbeat. Ripples marked the place where it had been.

It had been roundish, and wet, and really that’s all she could have said, other than she got the distinct feeling that it had been watching her, and something still was. She sat down on the sand and watched until the sun rose.

As it crested the horizon then sun dazzled the water into a field of sparkles. Bel felt a little hopeful. She was still sure that her boat was on its way. By the time the sun left the horizon, she was beginning to feel a familiar grumbling in her stomach. I’m just going to wait, she thought. I’m sure they’ll have granola bars or something on the boat.

As the sun rose in the sky, it began to shine harsh rays down on the beach. Bel’s olive skin didn’t burn easily, but just to be safe, she decided to sit in the shade until the boat came. Wait! What if the boat can’t see me back here? She wondered, and emerged back out into the sun once more.

By the time the sun was high in the sky, the grumbling in Bel’s stomach had grown to a full on growl. There was no denying it any longer, she was starving. What do people eat on an island, she thought. Coconuts. She was going to find some coconuts, and then she wouldn’t be hungry anymore. Then, she thought, the boat would come.

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Living on the Spit said...

Never FRIED pork chops? Girl, you have not lived!!!

Go fry up some pork chops!! NOW.

It is heavenly.