Monday, October 13, 2008

The Great Wallace Church Search continues

Okay, so at least we can cross one off the list. We went to the other church close to us (geographically) yesterday. Wow. It was unlike anything either of us had been to before. I was really convinced that the preacher might bring out a box of snakes. Not for us, to say the least.

A big message I got was to dislike several groups of people. Jason disagrees, he didn't get that, so it may just be me. BUT the scripture he chose to preach on was a strange and hard to swallow, heavily interpreted verse. I'm not going to get into it, but it really didn't come off as a good message. I really want the church I choose to believe as I do, that I have all the love in the world to give others, and there's no reason to leave anyone out of that. I don't have to approve, or like what they do, but I don't have to hate them. So, other than that, here's the lowdown:

The congregation was about the same size as the first.

The congregation was about the same age (overall) as the first.

The building was even approximately the same size as the first.

This church did have what seemed to be a more active church life, based on the bulletin.

4 people came up to us before the service, all associate pastors of some kind, and asked us for detialed contact information. All of these people seemed less interested in meeting us, and more interested in upping attendance numbers.

The strangest thing, was, during part of the service when we greeted those around us, one woman came up to me and said "please come back". But she didn't say it in the tone of a welcome. Honestly, she sounded desperate.

We were trying to give each church three chances, but the message there was so off-putting that I think we're done there. On to the next! We'll go back to the first one and give it another try. Thanks guys for all of your great suggestions, and we're open to trying anything! Okay, maybe not a voodoo church (they have those, right?)

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Anonymous said...

I've given up on finding a church for the time being.
We went to one until Mom died, which kinda screwed up us wanting to go there.
I tried step-mom's church years later, and the preacher guy was like the ones on tv where he jumps around with his hands in the air and encourages the congregation to do the same... yeah, not for me.
I also had a friend who "found God" in a church and was telling me about how he'd started speaking in tongues and rolling around on the floor. It was a shame to sever that friendship. He used to be so...sane.