Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Internal Struggle

I'm having one. Jason and I live in a lovely little ( little being the operative word) half double. It's a great little place, good location, good landlord, big backyard, but, it isn't ours. If you've read from the beginning, you'll know that I did have a house, and I don't anymore (if you haven't read that look at posts tagged evil, and the big b). This brings me to my struggle and stress. We would like to buy a house, someday. Someday meaning in the next few years. With the economy going in a swirly pattern, I'm really concerned that this will be a real problem. We're working to pay off other debts, but we really don't have many. Just the cars, and one big student loan with my name on it( I worry about that one too). I may have found a forgiveness program for part of that, but I don't know yet. I'm just really worried that we won't ever be able to buy a house. I'm worried that this will de-rail the rest of our lives. I worry about it all the time. But then, sometimes, I get that little feeling, that maybe, just maybe things will work out and we'll be fine. I'm not at all sure though. We don't want a mansion, just a house. Something not in a subdivision. Something that has potential to be our family's home. And I feel sometimes, that through student loans and bad economy, it won't happen.


Living on the Spit said...

Just sit tight sweet heart and save that money...wait...things will get better and you will have the home of your dreams or at least the beginning of your dreams. Things will work out and in the mean time pay down what you can and save the rest for a new house for your family. Trust will be okay.


Charlotte said...

It might not be quite as bad as you think. The up side to not owning right now, is that when you go to buy a house, you won't have to worry about selling--which is a big problem people are having with the market being the way it is. Since people are having such a hard time selling, at least in our area, people are reducing their selling price, so that might work in your favor!

Sarah said...

I hear ya! Those stresses and worries are such huge burdens. I just wanted to say that you're not crazy to think that way, in fact, it proves that your sane to be aware of these concerns. And I just wanted to say, I'm in the same boat with you!