Monday, December 1, 2008

Asleep at the keyboard

Thanksgiving was great, but I'm a failure. Not because I screwed up the food, not because I broke all the china, not because I got into a knock down drag out argument with another shopper on black Friday, I didn't do any of those things. I'm a failure, because I promised you pictures of everything, and I didn't do it! I forgot to take pictures and it looked gorgeous. Dagnabit! I'm sooo tired, I feel like I need to sleep for a week. We did Thanksgiving up big!

We got to the 'rents at around 9 and put the turkey in. We have pictures of this, but who knows when I can post them, because they were taken on Mom's camera, and that's all still over there. In about an hour it was already brown and on it's way. We chilled for a while, and then Jason's sister and her Husband arrived.

They brought their adorable dog, Edmund. I could probably find you a picture of him, but it wouldn't do him justice. He was really fun. Jason's Dad and Step mom arrived moments later. We took Edmund to the park, and when we got back, the turkey was ready! Okay, so I promised you pictures, I didn't have the camera, so once again, we have these artist's (not necessarily a good artist's) renderings of the food.

It has black on it because that's what color it turned on the grill. It sure tasted good. I then set about making the rest of the food. I did the acorn squash first because it takes longest. As I was cutting them in half, I ran the knife into my finger. So yeah, there was "special flavor" in those, okay not really, I didn't get any blood on there. There's butter, brown sugar and salt in there. Isn't the representation lifelike?

I sliced potatoes next. Miraculously, I didn't cut my finger on the mandolin. Anyone out there know if I pronounce the cooking tool the same way as the instrument? These potatoes were far from healthy, but delicious. Thanks, P Dub!

Mom made the green bean casserole. mmmmmmmm. The mystery artist must know of my love for this dish, as you can see by the lines of yummy emanating from it.

Jason's Sister brought stuffing. It was great! Very flavorful, and a really good texture. I don't really know why the artist decided to draw this one from the side.

I also made rolls, if you can call smearing butter on frozen bread and throwing it in the over making. The artist seems to have great love for spider man.

We also had cranberry relish, mmm, apple and banana salad, yum, and other boring things the artist didn't have time for. BUT, after dinner we had blackberry cobbler and pumpkin pie.

With vanilla ice cream or cool whip. It was very good, and didn't look nearly as sketchy as what this obviously horrible amateur artist did here. In fact, I think he's lost his chances at any further illustration for this blog. No wonder he's starving. I'll try to dig up some actual pictures, I promise. Now I've got to go teach that artist a lesson.


Giraffeman said...

wow that is a good writeup. the pics are awesome. the artist is very good. I hope Pierce Brosnan doesn't try to steal any of these. the food was very tasty. the turkey needed some more heat though. Maybe stuffed with peppers or injected with tapiato or something. You make awesome food.

Sarah said...

Your artist rendering crack me up! How cute are you!