Tuesday, April 22, 2008


We made the garden this weekend! We started with a boring grassy lawn. Jason had bought me some awesome garden tools and we made quick (ish) work of that.It was easier than I thought it would be with that tool, but not really quick. So yeah. We are almost finished digging, and we have found all kinds of leftovers from the power company. Little wires, pink twisties, and all kinds of other junk. We hadn't come across anything hard until the very end when we found this:

It's a root. Probably from the tree that died this past winter. Not only did it die, it wanted to take the power lines with it. We finally got it gone, but it didn't want to be forgotten. We had to break out the power tools to get rid of it.

Finally it was done and the plants were purchased by my wonderful mother, who will reap the benefits this summer.

I've planted:
green peppers
jalapeƱo peppers

yay! I'll give updates as the happen!

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candlesrhot said...

I'm jealous! I'm just going to grow my herb garden again and make trips to the farmer's market as often as possible. You should grow some catnip for your babies. :)