Friday, January 2, 2009


Year in review post. How to sum up such a year? There was both good and bad, and I think more good. But, as to leave on a positive note, I'll list the bad first.

This year I:
Wrecked the Sonata
Lost my dear Diana
Panicked about my financial future
Got several bruises, and broken nails, I'm sure

I also:
Got married to the most amazing man, I am more in love with him every day.
Went on a fabulous honeymoon, and didn't fall off of the cruise ship.
Discovered a real love of cooking
Planted a successful vegetable garden, unless you count the rabbit eaten peas
Got the awesomely purple fit!
Worked in a job I love
Calmed the panic, took action.
learned (kinda) to knit
took a sewing class

So, overall, I think, pretty dang good year! Certainly better than last year, and the year before (okay, just the end of that one)

Hope the same is true for all who read this!

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Sarah said...

Yay for a year of mostly good moments! I hope 2009 is even better to you!