Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jungle Jim's!

This weekend we made a trip to Cincinnati. There were two places we wanted to go. One, Bass Pro Shops. As you have seen before, this is quite often a destination. Second, we were out of Bove's Vodka Sauce. This is not an ad, or paid for in any way by Bove's, but hey, if you want to, you can pay me in free vodka sauce. It is seriously, the best pasta sauce ever. If you've never had vodka sauce before, don't judge it until you try Bove's. If you've had it before but didn't like it? It's because it was a different brand. Seriously, this stuff is awesome. Just the right amount of tomato and cream, with a great spiciness. Wow, I'm almost drooling thinking of it. Maybe we should have ravioli this week.

ANYWAY, we were out of Bove's. It used to be that you could get it just about anywhere. Then it disappeared. Now, it's back, but $6 a bottle at kroger. At Jungle Jim's in Cincinatti, it's $4 a bottle. Yumy savings. So, this and the desire for food insanity took us an hour and a half east. You'll have to pardon the great lack of good pictures throughout this post, as there is a sign on the front door of Jungle Jim's prohibiting photography.

Jungle Jims is like no store you have ever seen. It's like they took all of the grocery stores in a state and smushed them all together. Then gave the unholy creation some steroids. Then set me loose inside the beast. When you walk in, you see a drug store type area, as big as some whole dugstores. As you pass that you are engulfed in the cheese. There is everything. Saturday was sample day, so we tried some goat cheese, and some that was coated in cocoa. I almost bought some baked mozzarella. It looked delicious. Then you can get lost in a liquour store and a half's worth of alcohol, but we went to the bakery. To get there I had to pass every kind of gum ever made. There's a huge meat section, ginormous produce, and then you get to the fish. Some of them are still alive. Swimming about in tanks. Can you get any fresher?

There's a firetruck lording over a house of hot sauce. We got a grenade filled with almost pure capsacin. Then there's the international section. This section is as big as an entire Kroger itself. If you want authentic food from another country, look here. It's really amazing.

Possibly the strangest thing about this place is that after all of that, it's also just a normal grocery store. You can get your hamburger helper, or peanut butter, or milk there too. It's really fun, check out the pictures on their site:

There's a ton I've missed. There's too much to write about, so I'll just leave you with one last thing. The first time we went was on a Sunday evening. It was just right. There were so many people there on Saturday, that it was really hard to make your way through. So, think of crowds...

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Kristina P. said...

Wow, that is one crazy store!!