Monday, November 2, 2009

Cedar Point

It seems that there is a continuum of how much I like roller coasters. Here is a handy illustration.

By using this graph, you can see how much I would have WANTED to go to Cedar Point. I'm not a roller coaster newbie, and I'd never been. Jason assured me that it would be tons of fun. And, once I got past that first hill, it totally was.

We went during the last week of August. It was really really the perfect time to go. It was cool enough that we were comfortable, but it was still warm enough to enjoy the water rides (at least for a minute). We didn't wait in a line longer than 15 minutes, except once.

The best roller coaster, in my opinion, was , well, I was going to pick one before I got to this point in the sentence, but I really can't! Millenium Force was huge, and awesome and I have to innterrupt this blog post to tell one of the funniest things EVER.

When Jason is scared on a roller coaster, he doesn't scream, he doesn't close his eyes, he doesn't barf (thank God). Instead, he talks smack to the roller coaster. After the first hill on millenium force, I heard him yelling things like "is that all you got?" and "fun times! fun times!". I amlaughing out loud about it right now. When I heard him it was immediately added to the list of reasons I love him Reason 6,234,452,354: He yells at roller coasters.

I on the other hand, try to scream, and I fail. A long time ago, my cousin pointed out that on the first hill (if you refer to the graph above, a high fright level place) I open my mouth wide to try to scream, and nothing comes out. Yeah. After that I yell and I'm having fun. But I turn into a silent movie star when on that first hill.

We now return you to the sceduled blog post. Maverick was also awesome. When we read that the first hill was a 95% drop, we didn't believe it. As we were going over we both yelled I BELIEVE IT. It kinda knocked my head around, but was awesome.

Another aside, this is a video of the first roller coaster I ever went on. Thanks Dad, for riding with me, and singing "Get a Job" while we were cranked up the first hill.

Raptor. I love the raptor. It doesn't really scare me as much as others, maybe because I start high up in the air. We offended a ride operator by revealing this lack of fear. He responded that "the raptor is the 7th most intense coaster in the world" Sorry dude.

Thought Mantis was going to be my favorite since Jason doesn't like it. I loved it, but I really can't pick a favorite.

Ah, Magnum. Old. Hilly. DEATH. We didn't snap the lap bar down far enough and felt like we were going to fly out the entire time.

I noticed just now that I didn't talk about any wooden roller coasters in a positive fashion. I like wooden roller coasters, but they make me feel OLD. I don't remember Judge Roy Scream or the Texas Giant hurting that much.

So, I can't pick a favorite other than Cedar Point in general. It was great. Can't wait to go back next year. I leave you with this video of the Maverick.


RatsOnParade said...

I think the Raptor was/is my favorite - just because your feet dangle. I remember back when Magnum was new, and we rode in the front car. I don't know what we were thinking! Top Thrill Dragster really was awesome too - though it was over WAY too quickly! And just a week or two after Mike and I had been, some riders were pelted with shards of metal and had to go to the hospital. Kinda glad that didn't happen while we were there! Oh, and I've ridden roller coasters with Jason the duration of my childhood - not once do I remember him shouting directly at the roller coaster! But maybe I was screaming too loud to hear him doing it. :)

Rachel said...

You crack me up! That sounds like so much fun.