Monday, August 27, 2007

The continuing stoooooory...

Of a quack, who's gone to the dogs. Anyone out there remember that? I decided to post again today, because I'd like to get this story as finished as I can.

So, there I am in Ohio for the wedding, and the mortgage co calls me. They say they didn't get the listing agreement I faxed. No problem they say, just re-send it. I tell them I will and I get in the shower. When I come out, my phone is screaming that there is a message. It's the MC (mortgage co) again. I call them back, expecting an "ooops" called you again. No such luck. The ER's liens wouldn't settle. The short sale was off. I cried. I was going to have to declare bankruptcy.

After the weekend, with a little time to think, I called the MC and asked if they would wait to start the foreclosure stuff so I could see if I could somehow fix it. I called lawyers. One recommended me do a "waiver of time limit" but the lawyers for the MC had never heard of it and said I should talk to the MC itself about it, who said to talk to the lawyers. So, no luck there (it still haunts me that that could have worked, but I guess I'll never know). No way out of the liens, it was a HUD rule, if the short sale was going to work, the liens could not be there. It came down to, I could pay off the larger lien and the mort co would do the smaller. So, I called the lien holder. No call back. The MC called me the next day and said that if I could get the lien paid by that Friday, that they would pay the total $2000, leaving me to pay less. I called the lien holder back again, and she refused to talk to me. Told me that since it was the ER's lien, I could not pay it. I called the MC, they called the lien holder. Same story. I couldn't pay it. I called my lawyer, they told him the same thing. All hope for the short sale or deed in lieu was gone.

That was in June. Since then, nothing has happened. I was waiting to declare bankruptcy, (or see if I could avoid it) until I talked to the bankruptcy attorney last week. She said not to wait, that if I waited it would be worse (since I would be married) and that it was best to just go ahead. I have an appointment with her next Friday. I don't think it's going to be easy. I'm constantly worried about what could go wrong.

So, that's it. I called the ER on the day I found out that the liens wouldn't settle, but that was it. She didn't answer the phone. I am so scared that something is going to go wrong with the bankruptcy. I don't know what I'll do then. I'm trying to be optimistic, but it's so scary. This is something that I really wanted to avoid, and now here I am. It seems that every smart financial decision that I've made is now a bad one. I can only hope, that in 2 weeks, it turns out well. please.

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