Monday, August 27, 2007

Part Three

Soooo, when I left off before, I had gotten a new job, the short sale papers were in, and I thought things were going pretty well. Then, there was the notice on my door. I went to pick up the certified mail. I had been served.

It was a copy of the foreclosure. Listed on one of the first pages were others that had a claim on the property. It seemed there were liens. I called the mortgage co. Sure enough, there were 2 liens on the property. In her name. Placed in 2005. To the tune of about $7000 dollars. This was putting the short sale in jeopardy. They would pay up to $2000, but the ER (ex-roommate) would have to get them to settle for that. The representative from the mortgage co emailed her. The ER said she would get it taken care of.

Many emails between ER and mortgage co later, it appeared to be settled. It's now March. I was offered my old job back, and went. Things were going as planned. I signed a listing agreement with a realtor. The application for the short sale program was pending, but according to the mortgage co, it looked good.

April. Happy Birthday to me! I'm almost done with school! Short sale stuff is still pending, mortgage co and ER still emailing about the liens, still looks good.

May. I graduate! I found a new job, a real children's librarian! It's a great job. I'll start in June! On my last day at the old job, I get a phone call from the mortgage co. The short sale is approved! That weekend, we were off to Ohio for Jason's sister's wedding. Nice hotel, nice company, etc. While we were at the rehearsal dinner, the restaurant caught fire! we all had to go outside for a while, but we took pictures with the fire truck. It was fun. Then the morning of the wedding, as Jason and I were getting ready to go to a movie, my cell phone rings. It's the mortgage company.

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