Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Hello all, not much to say today, I have another appointment with the attorney on Oct 2nd to get things finalized. I hope it all goes well.

Wedding wise, we are still at a kind of standstill. Jason is still picking grooms clothes, and I've got to decide how I want to do flowers. Either order them pre done, order them as just flowers and do them myself, or go to a local florist. All of the bridesmaids have looked for dresses (I think) and we just have to order them. I'm going to set up a tasting at Piper's soon and we are going to Dawson's this weekend. That's where we think we might have the rehearsal dinner. There's no room rental fee like there is at brickyard.

We are going to have an engagement party at my Mom and Dad's house next month. Jason is going to barbecue half of the world. He's at home today. He's not feeling well. His nose has just been driving him insane. I feel so bad that I can't do anything to help him with it. It's not fair that he is so plagued by his nose. He's still awesome though, even with a runny nose.

Danica was funny last night. She came and laid on my arm for the longest time and tried to sleep but couldn't get comfortable. So, I got up to go to bed, and she followed me. I picked her up and she wanted to sit on my arm and shoulder and just purr. She was so sweet. I laid down and she didn't move, even though she was laying on my neck at that point. She's the only cat I've ever seen that WANTS to be picked up. She stops in front of my feet and arches her back. I found out this weekend that she's outgrown her little green coat :(. I'll have to get her a new one.

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