Thursday, September 20, 2007

Movie Night

Last night Jason and I watched 2 movies. First we watched The Fountain with Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz. It was confusing, because it was 3/2 stories all at the same time. One in the past, one in the present and one who knows where. It was okay, kind of frustrating to try and figure out, because there was a whole spirituality element that you were so unsure if was inside his head, in the book she had written, or in reality. It was very visually pleasing. I read about the effects on IMDb, and they weren't cgi, they were all done with photographic effects. It was okay, but not thrilling.

Then we put in half of the Quentin Tarantino Grindhouse. It was Death Proof. The concept of the first half of the movie was that this guy, stuntman Mike was a killer. He had a car that had been "death proofed" by stuntmen, so he could wreck it and live. I won't spoil the end but it was a little confusing. I'm not sure I can say I'm a total fan of Tarantino. I loved the Kill Bills, but nothing else so far has made me jump for joy. I still want to see the other half of Grindhouse.

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