Monday, October 29, 2007


It's been so long! I've been busy. This week and last, we have been moving the library. It's hard work, but it's fun to see everything go together. I've been doing a lot!
Wedding planning is taking up a lot of my time. We've decided on favors, so now I need to get to it. The caterers have a contract done, the dress is in (yay!, its beautiful) and the church is booked. The rehearsal dinner site is booked, and when I negotiate some with the florist, that will be done too. Our cake is going to be delicious. I've got all of the accessories for my dress except for the tiara, it hasn't come in yet. Jason went and picked out a tux! He's going to look so handsome.
This past weekend we got new furniture. We got a new entertainment center. It's so pretty. I was a little sad to get rid of the old one, Jason had made it and I thought it was cool, but this one is taller, which Jason wanted (wait, I'll get there) and is a pretty dark color that we are going to try for in the loving room. Jason put it all together like an expert. It is cool. We also went to see Michael Kelsey last night. It was a really good show.
Jason's car has really come a long way! It's all painted and he made a rear view mirror for it that is really awesome. He's good at working with his hands. There's a picture of me crashing it (okay, crashing my PlayStation Aston Martin) at the top. The reason we got the new entertainment center so soon is that the old one was too low to see the TV when we were driving the car.

What else? I don't know. This as all kinda been stream of consciousness anyway.

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