Monday, October 8, 2007

Knitting is hard!

Hello dear reader. This weekend was fun! On Friday night we went to see 3:10 to Yuma. It was good. Westerny. :) Then Saturday we slept in, and I was treated to a hot stone massage by Jason! Okay, he didn't actually do the massaging, but he bought it for me. It was soooo nice and relaxing. I love those warm rocks. mmmmmm. That night wen went to the Japanese Steakhouse. It was delicious as always. Then Sunday we went to the (superhot) renaissance fair at Conner prairie. We saw some fun stuff including a falconer. I asked him for info about coming to the library to do a presentation. He would be great. We went to BD's Mongolian BBQ and had some lunch then. Both of us managed to eat less than usual. Who knew we had that kind of willpower? Good for us. Usually I go home from there waddling. The rest of the time we just relaxed. It was nice.
Today I did a lot of wedding stuff. I've got my veil and tiara ordered, I'm deciding on shoes (hey' if you've got an opinion, let me hear it) and the dress should be in next month! We are seeing the florist and having a tasting at Piper's on Saturday. I think we'll try to see about cake in there somewhere too.
I like the wedding planning stuff. It's fun.

Oh yeah, plus Jason got me some knitting supplies and I am trying to learn!Picture is an oldie but goodie from the children's museum.

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