Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Less than one month!

We've got less than one month to go, and I've got 8 million things to do! I'm excited and happy. I've booked my appointments, and I'm doing all I can. I had my final fitting. I love my dress. I put on the whole ensemble this last time and it looks great. I'd share a picture, but I know my audience (hi honey! I love you!).

It's all of the last minute details that are piling up now. But, I still feel like I'm on top of things in general. Now, for the downer moment - we took our cat Diana to the vet this Monday, and she has several tumors on her stomach. She has surgery Monday to remove them, but this might not be a fix for her. The vet says he has to see what the pathologist says. I'm really worried, but I'm trying hard not to let it get to me, not to feel bad until I hear what the pathology says.-

Downer moment over. Jason and I went to see the Leisure Kings again. They are so great. The show is funny and good. We actually went outside this time to see him breathe fire. It was cool. If you read this, ANYONE, leave me a comment. I've been reading big girl blogs all week and feel lonely! I promise I'll post some more pictures soon, but here's a random one. Make of it what you will.

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Giraffeman said...

Ummm yeah. the michlain man vibrates. That's a little weird. the cool audi behind him is neat though. And it doesn't make too much sound either. Unlike me. I make a lot of noise. BLATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT