Friday, April 18, 2008

Shake Senora

We had an earthquake this morning! I know! Indiana? Earthquake? But we are on a fault line, the New Madrid fault. At about 5:38, I woke up and said, after moments of confusion "Honey, I think we're having an earthquake". It lasted a long time! It was stronger and much longer than the only other one I've felt (in 1987). We didn't even make it out of bed though. It was really confusing. The kitties were all hiding under the worst thing possible, a collapsible drying rack. They were fine, however and so was the rest of everything.

Just about 10 minutes ago, at work, we had an aftershock too. I didn't feel as much as see this one, all of my desk stuff was rattling. What did you feel? Anything? Let me know!

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Giraffeman said...

That was really strange. The cats were funny too. It's a bad idea to hide under something collapsable during an earthquake I would think. Tabby the cat shot out of there like he was crazy (he is) though. I think they knew it was going to happen before it did.