Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Honeymoon Days 12, 13, and 14 The End...

We spent the rest of the honeymoon doing whatever seemed attractive at the moment. We went to several beaches. This one you could see a really neat bridge in the distance, and it was extremely windy that day.

This one was kind of a double beach. There was a little lake kinda thing in the beach. The bottom was all squishy and gross, I don't recommend crossing like we did. eew.

We saw some wildlife, including this very skinny squirrel. I guess they don't have to fatten up for winter in Florida. He was really cute.
Unlike this bird which was the ugliest thing we had ever seen, and it was huge. It's head was all gross looking and didn't have any feathers. It had stolen a hot dog from a hot grill. Hmmm. Maybe it wasn't born that way. We saw some people flying giant kites that looked like they would take you off the ground but somehow didn't. If anyone out there knows anything about these, let me know, I'm curious.
We went to see another movie, this time in St Pete. The theater was really beautiful, it was all done up like an elaborate train station. Prettier than the stuff here, believe me. Also, brilliantly, they had a child care center in the theater. We saw vantage point and it was really good! That night we went to Cody's Road House. I have never had less flavorful food in my entire life. Even the jalapenos were bland. How do you do that? The only good thing that came out of that place was this:

The amazing stink egg. You will see that he is an egg with feet, wings and a top hat. He is also apparently a member of the x-men. He was a collaborative art project. It was too soon time to go home. We left in the morning this time and drove all day and night . We got home late because we stopped at a few places. For instance, They don't sell peaches at this place. It was just a strip mall.
The road home was at least pretty.
We had a really great time, and will remember it for the rest of our lives. I can't say any more than that.

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