Monday, June 16, 2008

Wii Fit

You all know that we are wii lovers! I was stumbling, and I came across a video about the wii fit and I have to say, I watched it all, but not for the same reason that others seem to be. It was a girl in her underwear and a t-shirt (this is normal wii-drobe, at least for most od us, admit it. I've shot lots of zombies in my pjs.) doing a hula hoop wii fit minigame. I watched it because I wanted to see what the game was like and it looked like fun. Apparently, however, the person in the video has a doppelganger, same name, similar appearance, and she wasn't looking for this kind of reputation. And, get this, she's one of us! A librarian. My personal plan if this happened to me would be to emphasize the growing number of libraries doing wii programming and the enlarged patron base that she could draw from after this internet fame. Okay, I probably wouldn't be brave enough to say that either. I hope it all works out, and we need more with it teen librarians here in Indiana, come on over! The original article is worth a read and here:

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