Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Garden update!

So, one of my summer projects, the garden is coming to fruition, or vegition, however you decide. I have picked my first tomato! Mr Stripey is the only one of the three tomato plants to give anything up so far. We have had a great crop of radishes (I'm counting on Griaffeman to confirm this, I don't like radishes), and we've eaten some dill and chives. We've got at least 2 cucumbers growing, and corn has tassled, so we should see some ears soon. The lettuce is still there, despite the bunnies hard work, and we've eaten some of it. I just got a cherry tomato plant and put it on the porch, so we'll see what we get from there. I'm so excited!

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Giraffeman said...

The radishes were very good. the smaller ones had some real heat to them. The bigger ones were cool and refreshing. they tasted great with some salt on them.
We also have a bunch of peppers. the tabasco peppers look so silly since they stick straight up in the air instead of hanging down like every other kind of pepper. We have 1 large bell pepper and a bunch of little jalapeanos coming up. I hope our corn does okay. Our lettuce doesn't look too bad despite the baby bunnies munching on it. Silly little bunnies.