Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Catching up

I've been so gone lately! I'm very very sorry. To the three of you who read this...

Last week was pretty crazy. I was off, there were big meetings and Mom had surgery. I'm pleased to report that she is home and as long as she's not lying to me, doing really well, very little pain. The big meetings were boring except for the smores part. Isn't it fun to be cryptic?

The week before, I don't even remember, It is all a haze. And, you know, looking back just now, I hadn't really been all that gone, I guess. It just feels like it. I messed up my metrics with the new scheme so it looked like my blog had been abandoned. You know, dusty streets, shutters waving in the wind, an empty old saloon with swinging doors where my blog used to be. At least, on my end.

This past weekend was nothing interesting, in fact it feels like it never even happened. We got lego star wars and not only has that developed in to a black hole of time (though I love it), we also watched the whole original (better) trilogy on Sunday. Yeah.

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Giraffeman said...

Lego star wars is fun. We also went to Moe's and had lunch. And went grocery shopping. That was exciting. And I made chex mix and we ate it all.