Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Lie Revealed!

And, the lie is #2!!!!!!!

The facts/lies were:

1. I'm the oldest child in my generation of my family.
2. I have visited 48 of 50 states
3. I hate radishes

I am the oldest. Indeed, I am wise beyond my years, likened to a crone whose knowledge is sought by people everywhere, the Stephen Hawking of Indiana, or not.

I do hate radishes. And this is awful, because Jason loves them. He keeps getting me to try them and it's yuck every time. They never taste any different.

I have not visited 48 of 50 states. Not only have I not been to Alaska or Hawaii (if anyone out there really want to fix this, I'm open to the possibilities), but my travel has kind of been in a line from Indiana to either Texas or Florida. So, all those states in there the most. I have been to new england briefly, and of course a few other states, but there's this HUGE gap of my presence in the northwest.

So, there I am, revealed as a terrible liar to the blogsphere. I used a strange word.

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Giraffeman said...

you have also been to FL, alabama, georgia, KY and tenn. Hopefully we can go to NC/SC sometime and over to western tenn. It's pretty over there. You have been to OH too a few times. But it's not really that far.