Tuesday, December 23, 2008

State Farm fini

So, he called me this morning, not, as promised, yesterday. The long and short of it was that he couldn't/wouldn't change anything. We canceled effective the 8th. He was unsympathetic and incredibly rude. I won't go with state farm ever again in my life, and I'll tell anyone who asks to avoid them like the plague. They lost a customer of over 14 years. Some highlights of the conversation:

EIA (evil insurance agent): "I don't know why you wanted to talk to me"

I wanted to talk to him because he's the head of the agency and his name's on the front door, and his picture on the envelopes.

EIA: "well, he married someone with an accident"

In response to why he lost his good driver discount.

He hung up on me when I said cancel, and then called right back. I saw who it was and I gave the phone to Jason. He said he needed to get Jason's authority to cancel, because, get this:

I WASN'T ON THE POLICY. I promise you all that's what he said. So the rate increased for someone who "wasn't on the policy".

We're going with progressive for both of us, and it's a lot lot lot cheaper.

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Giraffeman said...

yeah he was dumb. I liked how you can't cancel the account cause your name isn't on the policy, yet my rates can go up cause you aren't on the policy. It's dumb and he's dumb. Progrssive will be better. State Farm is just a little insurance joke. There it goes