Monday, December 22, 2008

State Farm

You all know I was in an accident earlier this year. What you may not know, is that my husband, car enthusiast, has a perfect driving record. Not one speeding ticket, never an accident (okay, a woman rear ended him once, but it wasn't his fault) and the only claim he's ever filed is for a windshield.

Me, not so much. I'm a reformed speeder, and I've been in accidents. I think I may have expressed my extreme pleasure with my insurance company, Progressive. They not only took great care of me after the accident, they gave me more for my car than I was expecting, and they didn't raise my rate one penny. This is because (I guess) I've been a customer for a measly six years. I am very happy with them.

So, can anyone explain to me, within reason, why Jason's insurance rates went up? He's been charged a surcharge and lost his good driver discount for MY accident. I know they want me on there just to make sure it's all good. But this is ridiculous. He's been a customer of theirs for longer than I have been with Progressive. I dont' think he's EVER had insurance elsewhere. I called to discuss this with them on Thursday, and very nicely, they informed me that they were taking my risk into account. I'm expecting a call back from the head agent, but I'm not holding my breath.

There's no word for what they're doing. It's immoral, it's not fair, and it's making me really angry.

Plus, we've suffered through at least 3 letters a week from that office that are thinly veiled insults. Bumper stickers that say "please don't hit me, I'm not sure about my coverage". Not to mention the trees they waste sending Jason a billion statements each month. You know what? State Farm? I'm more sure of my coverage with Progressive now than I ever have been before.

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Kara said...

I used to work for a State Farm agent. I've never worked for someone more crooked. It was a horrible experience. Anyway, I can tell you that, in Texas -- because that's all I know anything about -- State Farm would raise his rates in that situation and no amount of screaming or fighting with an agent will change anything. The agents have a surprisingly low amount of power in the State Farm world. The only way that I know of that the rates would be adjusted back down? He would have to sign and notarize a form that states that you will never drive his vehicle. Basically it excludes you from his insurance. Sucks, huh?

Or, you can drop State Farm and add his car to your policy, in which case, you might even get a discount for having more than one car on the same policy. Check it out!

My own personal legal disclaimer: my insurance license expired ages ago, so I'm not legally allowed to tell you anything of value as it relates to your insurance situation.

But I'm your friend, so I did anyway. Just don't sue me, okay?

:) :) :) :) :) :)