Monday, February 23, 2009

Facebook is a black hole.

My life is being sucked into it. Today, I even posted as my status "I need to blog more". But, there's wordscraper, and catbook, and northwest trail. Not to mention pop answers or just staring at my friends' profiles for hours on end. Seriously, does this happen to anyone else? I think it must. Even light cannot escape the pull of facebook. I'm struggling to stay one this side of the event horizon. Is that enough science for everyone? Good. Cuz that movie scares me 3/4 to death.

I want to blog, at least I think I do, but in coming here tonight, I accidentally typed in google instead or blogger. Is it the g and double letters? Is it my subconscious keeping me away from here? Who knows.

I've got all kinds of good stuff to write on here, about our anniversary, and a mystery that I'm tring to solve, and valentine's cod, and a really terrible doctor, but I've failed to do so! Please, bear with me, I'll try to be back, In fact, I am trying, for the month of March, to blog every day. Ambitious, but possibly rubbish.


Kristina P. said...

I read about all these people who get sucked into Facebook, but I'm just the opposite! I get sucked into blogging!

I think if FB wasn't banned at work, it might be different.

Rachel said...

Well, I hope it's not rubbish, because we miss you.

Charlotte said...

I feel exactly the same way! I was really into blogging when I started up, and read tons of blogs too!

Now, between my regular job, Uppercase Living, and Facebook, I don't blog much and I don't read my favorite blogs either (except yours, of course). I logged onto Google Reader last week and I had almost 1000 unread posts!

BTW, I found out today that I could add a Facebook button to my Google toolbar...just one more way to stay in the loop. I'm sucked in just as much as you. Catbook is next on my list!