Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who can you Trust?

So, I, like everyone, am worried out the economy. We're renting now, and would like to buy a house, but obviously now's not the time. Jason's had to take a 10% pay cut, and now gets no overtime.

Because of my worry, I check the news online every day. I usually start at CNN, but I also read indystar.com, and msnbc, and, of course, fark. Today, Bernanke made a speech. Everyone heard the same speech, but gave their audience widely differing interpretations. Now I've read all three of these articles, and they say just about the same thing. How were these headlines chosen?

Bernanke: Recovery will take years

MSNBC: Fed chief: ‘Severe contraction’ Bernanke hopes recession will end in ’09, but sees significant risks

Indystar.com:Bernanke: Recession may end soon

The indystar article is from USA Today, but they run the headline: Econ outlook full of 'ifs'

So, who decides the tone of these very different headlines??? I think the lesson here is to get your news from more than one source. I shudder to think what fox news has to say on the matter.

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