Thursday, May 28, 2009

I should get a life.

Even though I've written so infrequently on here lately, if you've read some of the things I've written in the past, you may have realized that I'm just slightly off of the norm. I've always identified myself as somewhat of a geek, if you will, a dork. I've applied the following labels to myself over the years:

okay, so right here I realized that I can't find a special name for someone who likes the following (if you know it, tell me):
Battlestar Galactica
Star Wars

I think the first name I could apply (if I go by how much I loved a thing at an early age) would be Trekkie. I don't think I should be called a trekker, or any other name that some people fight for. I don't think there's anything shameful about being a fangirl, a trekkie. Two of you asked me to write a movie review, and Rachel, as hard as I thought about the bombs I've seen lately, there was one movie that stood out that I just had to talk about.

Star Trek

Now, I've said above that I'm a trekkie. Maybe not quite as hard core as some others. For instance, I've never had a burning passion for the original series. No doubt, I know the characters, really liked the movies, and still laugh like crazy when I think "Don't call me tiny", but Next Generation and the following series were/are really my thing. I have my own names for several of the episodes (the gross one, or the cake one, or you know that one?), and I have an odd Pavlovian response to the theme.

All that strangeness being said, I had mixed feelings when I heard about the new movie. New Star Trek movie? AWESOME! Directed by another person who doesn't know much about ST? Yuck. Oh, that person is JJ Abrams? Cool! It's not Next Gen, but TOS?? GRRRRR. Sylar as Spock? ODD. Speaking of odd, there's the whole odd/even good/bad thing.

I was upset more than anything about it not being another next generation movie. I was one of those who didn't receive nemesis well. Yeah, it was not as good as it should have been, but MAN! I want to see those characters some more. I still think that it is almost unfair that TOS got 6 1/4 movies and NG only got 3 3/4 so far. (I had to split generations).

But I got over it. I decided that since we were going to see it, I was going to do some review. The site is awesome. I embarked on a mission to listen to each one of the previous movies before seeing the new one.

I knew I wanted to see it. With each new preview, I knew that I wanted to see it more. I knew I cold probably drag Jason along with me to see it, but did anyone else want to go? I should have known better. I have the most awesome Mom, and she wanted to go see it on Mother's day.

I'll be back soon to post the actual review, but I'll leave you with a re-tweet of myself. The problem with listening to the movies online is that I don't speak Klingon.

p.s. Blogger insisted I capitalize Klingon.


Rachel said...

There are so many things I like about this post. Haha. I'm looking forward to the review.

I grew up watching Star Trek with my dad. So, though I couldn't be considered a Trekkie, I do have a familiarity with it. I really enjoyed the movie, actually...and I don't say that often.

I'm interested to know what, exactly, your Pavlovian response was. ;)

Totally with you on J.J. Abrams AND Spock.

Watching the movie actually gave me the desire to watch the original series. I got it on Netflix and have had many a laugh about it. It's silly, but that's fun sometimes. You just might try it. :)

Giraffeman said...

you didn't have to drag me. I wish we could have gotten in for IMAX though. 12 story tall skyler would have been awesome

palandrome Bob said...

So perhaps we can go to see it at IMAX now. And when it comes to names, just what's wrong with "Evil Box Lady"?