Friday, May 29, 2009

I mean, how old am I?

I hope someone understands why I've titled the last two posts the way I did.

So we go to see Star Trek. We had planned on seeing it in the IMAX, but it was sold out! I guess there were other awesome mothers out there after all. We sit down and get ready.

At this point I'm not sure at all what to think. I'm back to being torn. I want to see new Star Trek Things, but this? It looks like a "summer blockbuster" that just happens to have the name Star Trek plastered on it. The rest of this review will be delivered in "real time"

Ooooh it's getting dark in here

Ugh ads. Why do I have to look at these. I'm not going to buy a Jaguar.

Previews, I like previews

Okay, star trek.

Wow, I didn't really realize how much I was used to the Next Generation theme. This is really nice tho.

Who are these people???


The CGI really does a whole lot for this. There's really interesting aliens, and they look good, but no green girls.

That kid can drive a stick waaaay better than me.



Nevermind about the green girls.

Oh no.

Oh no





The end

So, I thought that they got the characters just right. Everyone had their little pieces of the original characters, but they really did well and didn't seem constrained by the enormous amount of history. I'm really trying not to spoil too much. I think that there was a magic bullet included in the play. This magic bullet, in my opinion, excuses the filmmakers to ignore all complaints of continuity or history. I laughed a lot, and I almost jumped out of my seat several times. My favorite re-vamped character was probably Uhura. She was just as smart and frankly, sexy as she was in the original.

Go see it. I loved it. When the last movie came out, I was begging people to go see it so that they'd make another, better, one. Well, here we have it.

I give the movie 10 out of 10 phaser blasts. On kill.

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Sarah said...

That is the most amusing review I've read in a long time! To base it off of reactive thoughts throughout the event is so entertaining!