Monday, August 10, 2009

Zucchini Cakes

I grow GIANT zucchini. I was unaware that you were supposed to pick them when they were young for best flavor and least seeds until a few days after I picked these specimens.

I know there's not that much for scale in there, but it's about as long as my forearm (minus hand) (I mean, I still have hands, just the zucchini isn't that big) (of course you know I still have hands, how would I be typing this otherwise?) (well I guess I could have a Stephen Hawking thing and have it talk for me without using all of my hands) (or I could dictate)(but then every post would be about kangaroos)

ANYWAY I had 2 big ones. I decided to make another Pastor Ryan recipe, zucchini cakes. I shredded one up, and I had to add 3 eggs, and another quarter cup of bread crumbs.

I fried them in the cast iron skillet, and kept the finished ones warm in the oven. Starring in that picture is my other new friend, a lodge cast iron enamel baking dish. It's blue. It was on clearance at Bass Pro Shops. AWESOME!

We had them with pasta and vodka sauce. I thought the vodka sauce went great with the zucchini, better than ranch!

These were definately yummy, and I'll make them again!
next up, stuffed zucchini. I've also got more cucumbers than I can handle. Anyone know some good recipes for those???


RatsOnParade said...

So THAT'S the difference between the big and the small zucchinis! We were just having that discussion the other day at the local Farmer's Market - since the cost of one zucchini is $1 regardless of the size. Who wouldn't get the giant zucchini?! More bang for your buck, I'd say! But as you pointed out -- the bigger the zucchini the more seeds there are (and I didn't think seeds would be a good accompaniment to my zucchini muffins). So glad you cleared that up. :)

Rachel said...


And you're hilarious. :)

Giraffeman said...

I thought they were yummy. I need to try them with some hot sauce. I think the one growing now looks funny. It's like a balloon full of jello. I've never actually filled a balloon with jello. I have filled a plastic egg with jello. It didn't work out so well. But your cakes were yummy. I loved them.